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How Do I Activate Hulu On My Smart TV? +1(888)-414-2454

Hanry Cook
How Do I Activate Hulu On My Smart TV? +1(888)-414-2454

Activate Hulu On My Smart TV

Hulu is one of the easiest places to search for legitimate HD films and streaming television programs. On your phone, you can use a web page or Hulu mobile app, but you have to make an extra step for viewing Hulu on your TV that requires login to www.hulu.com/activation.


There are a few options to put Hulu videos on your TV and how you want to do, depends entirely on you. The first choice is to connect the device on the television with a mobile app or website, and the second one is with smart HDTV. The third and most complicated is to hook up a computer to the TV. Activate Hulu On My Smart TV.

Watch Hulu With a Casting Device

The gadget you can attach to an HDMI port on your HDTV, such as a Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV may be part of a casting system or a set-top box. They can allow you to play or fire videos on your TV, or provide an interactive program that you can access directly on your TV.

For instance, you can tap or click on the Chromecast button in both the phone app and desktop version of Hulu to immediately place the video on your HDTV.

Once logged in to www.hulu.com/activate, you should attach the Hulu channel to your account and stream Hulu videos on your high-definition TV whether you’re on Roku or Apple TV. The process is the same for the Amazon Fire TV Hulu.

Watch Hulu from a Gaming Console

Hulu provides apps for several gaming consoles, both existing and previous. On Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you can watch Hulu with Hulu Live TV or on-demand, while you can stream Hulu on-demand using Nintendo’s Turn and Wii U as well as Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Simply download the Hulu app in each of these devices, from the corresponding game/app stores and then register to www.hulu.com/activate.

Watch Hulu from a Smart HDTV

Some TV sets have features installed in the hard drive. You can only sign in to your account and stream videos and programs in no time if your Television already has Hulu. If not, a free app that can be downloaded will do the work.

Smart televisions may be fitted with a browser to search the internet but it’s easier to use the specific app to prevent errors if you want Hulu videos (or Youtube, Netflix, etc.). Typically they have a special remote, enabling you to have some sort of section dedicated to the apps field.

Watch Disney+ on Hulu exclusively

Steps you should follow to connect your Hulu account to your smart TV with an activation code:

  1. You need to log in to Hulu from the HDTV app.
  2. Once logged in, write down the activation code that’s displayed on the screen.
  3. Now from a computer or smartphone, open www.hulu.com/activate, and log in if asked.
  4. Provide the activation codeshown on your TV and then press activate.
  5. Now, you will automatically log in to your Hulu account on HDTV within 30 seconds.

Connect a Laptop to Your HDTV

The third way you can view Hulu videos on your TV is to attach a monitor or laptop directly into a video display port on the Screen. The most popular HDTVs have HDMI connectors, which ensures that the laptop and monitor will include an HDMI cable and HDMI display. 

Almost all televisions, though, have a VGA connection to use the TV as a portable computer. You can view everything on your TV with this system, like Hulu. Although, initially, you need to log in to the Hulu using www.hulu.com/activate activation code

Nevertheless, many individuals might find it difficult this technological aspect of attaching the laptop or computer to the TV. In case your Laptop supports a DVI or VGA-Ports and your HDTV enables only HDMI-Cables. You have to buy a DVI or VGA-converter.

In case you do not have an HDMI cable (which contains both video and audio). You need an adapter that will connect in your speaker port and break it into the Audio Component. A 3.5 mm RCA cable is the perfect fit for this job.

The Hulu live services vary from other well-established online platforms including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in terms of providing consumers with earlier exposure to common serials from many traditional networks. 

Typically, you only have to wait a week — and in certain situations, just one day— to view famous TV-series episodes after they have been aired.

Final Thought

By contrast to cable, the Hulu package requires no hidden costs and no rental equipment. Just log in to www.hulu.com/activation and you can see Hulu through several of your favorite streaming devices at home or on the go.

You have exposure to endless hours of content, including exclusive series that are not available anywhere else.

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