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If you want to block WiFi signals in your area

jammerwelt zhong
If you want to block WiFi signals in your area

Certainly it has come to them ever in mind, a Tool to Block Wi-Fi network signals in their Nähe to have. In one of the Noilson Caio Teixeira de Araújo (Brazil) offered ekoparty Workshops, a safety conference, the ESET and We Live Security to Spanish, with special reporting-support–support, we were able to see today, as we build a Gerät köcan we achieve this köcan, only a few crystals, some of the Disgust—nde and a pair of antennas.

Mini WiFi störsender

Zunächst, it should be noted that this Geräte as a störsender should be in very simple words, signal generators, wireless communications, stören.

There are two types of Stör - or interference attacks, with which the communication of data from a recipient may be obstructed. The first type is the so-called Spot aimed at a certain frequency to stören. When it comes to affect more than one Kanäle at the same time, we are faced with interference from the Barrage type.

In both Fällen it is necessary to find the appropriate frequency for the attack to work effectively and with sufficient power, the original–replace the original Signal.

What we in this Geräten have, is an oscillator or a signal generator that provides us with an antenna ermö, the Signal to hide—Turks, in order to achieve größere cover.

We left then, to generate a Signal with the frequency of the Trägers in resonance, we want to stören mö, which &Ndash;transfer of information is prevented.

Depending on the antenna used and the range of the Geräts of a few meters can vary up to a few kilometers.

wäduring the Demo, used WiFi Störsender is used, signals in the 2.4 GHz Band to stören. This frequency band is an ISM is known, and includes a non–tztes spectrum, which can be used without a license. Tatsäweak protocols such as WiFi or Bluethoot work in this volume.

How we use Stöin the security page

As we already know, used WiFi 11 Kanäle für its operation. Each of the Kanäle has a center frequency, therefore, these Stö try;rsender, the frequencies between 2.402 GHz and 2.483 GHz to stören.

Now the Interesting part comes in the use of this Geräte from for safetyünd. Wäduring the conversation—chs were analysed in three points:

1. It kömight be used to prevent a Roguer-AP in a corporate environment. This is nothing else than to prevent others from using WiFi connection points to generate with an Internet connection, for example, of your Mobilgeräten.

2. Avoid information leakage through wireless data transfer of data abroad, kö, can be replaced;can.

3. Löschen "böswillige twins" in networks without authentication. In this way, köcan we are only a few communication channels—le instruction manualähig<, which allows the Möurgency restriction—is nkt that böare generated swillige networks to our user cartridges to t—./p>

It is very important, in front of these Ger—to warn, then their use may be prohibited in some L—change restrictionänkt, or even. Therefore, it is in any case important not to be advised to the regulations in force in each of the L—change to disregard.


jammerwelt zhong
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