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What is a corporate campus?

sameer ramzan
What is a corporate campus?

Before describing what a corporate campus is, let’s recall Apple’s new spaceship campus, better known as the Apple Park. Is there any facility which is not there in the corporate campus design of Apple Park? No. starting from 1000 seater Auditorium to 7 Cafes, from a 100,000 square-feet Wellness Centre to a two-story visitor centre, Apple Park gives each and every facility to its employees.

Who doesn’t dream of such corporate campus architecture to work in!!  There is a truly huge difference between a not-so-impressing grey cubical in an idyllic campus and a corporate campus design like that of Apple Park or Googolplex.

A corporate campus can be defined as close proximate buildings having all amenities, a centralised support system and other internal functions. 

Not all of them are same, there are differences too. According to that, they can be divided into three major categories: Ex-urban, Urban and Suburban. The campus to corporate training activities will help the student to grasp and become successful. 

An ex-urban campus, as the name denotes has a corporate campus design where buildings are in close proximity to one another, but the parking is mostly on the ground floor or underground or in the nearby garages.

The costs of the buildings are quite too. Urban corporate campus architecture, on the other hand, is somewhat different; the buildings here are adjacent to each other but it is not necessary that they will be connected too.

As the land costs less in the suburban areas, the suburban corporate campus is formed a huge land area and more opportunity for open space and parking, giving the campus a classy look.

Suburban campuses attract corporate because of three main reasons. First, the land is abundant that too at affordable rates. They can develop some of it and leave the rest for future use. Second, there is easy access to the nearby and economic housing of the employees. 

This means that this kind of corporate campus helps the companies to find the workplace near to employees; house and we all know that this has always been a priority from earlier times. If the employees take less time to reach their office, the output is always more like this extra burden of reaching office on time reduces.

The third key factor is a competitive advantage. When a company develops a campus in the suburban location it considerably impacts the development of the surrounding infrastructure also. These further result in a competitive advantage.

Old workplace vs corporate campus

Now that corporate campuses came into the scenario, they took two things in consideration- a new idea of the workplace and second keeping the older emotions. The new idea is the integration of new strategies and new technologies that will help the company to rise gradually to the summit.

The older idea is rather simple. The huge corporate campus will help everyone to remember the college campus as the corporate campus architecture is made in an almost similar way. In addition, there will be some kind of legacy too, where the newer employees will get to know about the ex-employees, their works and the tradition they are going to carry forward.

So, it will create a sense of optimism thinking about the contributions that they will be doing in future. This simple thought of optimism will help the employees to devote more to the company.

The hidden notion in the old workplace was ‘do work, get paid, and go home’ and this cycle continues monotonously.  But now the message is ‘do work, get paid, get inspiration, do more work-, get paid more’.

Work-life balance

These corporate campuses are nowadays focusing great on employee facilities. They are showing the world that each and every employee is valuable for them. Companies have always faced issues regarding work-life balance, whether it is a corporate campus of a simple downtown office.

The corporate campus architecture provides employees with all kinds of amenities. The most common is providing healthy food to the employees so that they don’t fall sick. Many others are providing with gym or wellness centre so that they can keep their employees fit and healthy to work. Much larger companies also arrange sports team.

Thus a strong sense of community is formed due the social interaction and bonding among the employees. The goal of these corporate campuses is very simple- using the commendable minds to interact and bringing out the big ideas of success.

A prevalent example is day-care. The secret behind this is, if your company is looking after your child, you can focus more on work. Further, you can develop a sense of loyalty towards your company and you will tend to stay in the same company until your child starts for school.

Thus though the corporate campus design says it ‘amenity’ ion true sense it is an investment and a mutual commitment between the company and the employee.

Corporate campus architecture for workers

The main purpose of the workplace is to work.  But what about a high-performance work? Every company urges to have an employee who can show 100 % productivity in work. But there are very fewer employees who can work being focused all day long without lifting their head. 

A simple coffee break or a short walk on the campus sometimes brings out the best from one. For example, it may so happen that the employee is taking a walk to the coffee bar thinking of some problems in work which is not solving.

A discussion with the colleagues in the coffee bar may instantly bring out the solution. The corporate campus architecture works on these certain minute things. This may be a lush of greenery outside the cabin or a blue water body that soothes the eyes.

A proper lunch-space incorporate campus also does much help to the companies. Employees have the highest potential to meet each other at the lunchtime and it is obvious that they will discuss their work. This provides a better perception of the workplace and the role of every colleague in other’s work.

After all these, it is of course not that there will be no collisions between the employees or between the employee and company on a corporate campus. But, it will, of course, find a way out, in the coffee- bar or in the wellness centre.

When we work in a company whether it is small or it is ona corporate campus, there are will be collisions, engagement, satisfaction and success. The corporate campus makes the way smooth for all the minute and major things and at the end of the day what they see is- success and satisfaction.

sameer ramzan
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