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How to Help Children Balance Studies and Extracurricular Activities

soushya tirumalasetti
How to Help Children Balance Studies and Extracurricular Activities


 The buzz word- ‘all-rounder’ has become the aim of most of the parents for their kids. Achieving the same has become an aim for the kids. But in the race of achieving more, extracurricular activities have plunged soar high. Children participate in multiple activities and keep themselves busy throughout. Achieving all, with no compromise with studies, is the goal of the day. 


Children, like adults, are in place for motivation to the core. Helping kids find the appropriate balance between studies and extracurricular activities is the responsibility of parents. These issues are addressed as priority concerns in top international schools. In Turkayamjal, Indus Valley School is one such international CBSE school that helps parents tackle such issues.


  1. Plan the studies, and set a schedule for the activities:

Planning and executing the schedule, from an early age is beneficial through, life. Keeping studies(or the concerned priority) on top, all the activities should be allotted enough time and space. Children should not feel any rush in their minds, which might adversely hamper their progress and growth. Children throw their bests in the best of their moods. Yes, all activities should align with their happiness. Many international schools in Hyderabad, take studies and activities aligned together, reducing the stress levels in children.


  1. Healthy mind and body:

A healthy kid is in a position to win any race. Nutrition is a must for healthy growth and alertness leading them to become performers.


  1. Inspiration

Motivating young minds for better performance is the duty of a responsible parent. Words of encouragement from their parents and teachers, dominate the interest of the kids in their activities.

Planning, executing, and achieving success in the tasks laid out, disseminate the roots for future aspirations. 


  1. Keep reminders: 

Refraining tasks on the list could be discouraging for children. Make sure they take all the activities regularly and follow their routine. The same follows for studies and schooling. School should be taken seriously. Learning should be made a habit.


  1. Let the right attitude win:

Children need to understand that both academics and extra-curricular activities are equally important. Achieving a balance makes the journey easy going. Indus Valley International School and other top international CBSE schools, drive kids towards the right attitude and help them win over negativity.


  1. Encourage group work:

More group activities, help children bond better and provide more friends. Friends and groups become a source of encouragement for children.


  1. Consistency:

Consistency from the beginning, right from developing a plan till achieving success makes children confident. Confidence leads the way and multiplies the magnitude of their success.


These are a few tips that can help you achieve balance in children’s studies and extra-curricular activities. Every kid is different and the rules may vary from kid to kid. No one size fits all, right?

Devising your rules on these tips can be an intelligent balance.

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soushya tirumalasetti
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