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Hazardous contaminants commonly found in US tap water

Mirza Ali Nasir
Hazardous contaminants commonly found in US tap water

Most of the Americans consume bottled water. According to research, bottled water has become the second most popular drink which may be dangerous . Regrettably, these plastic water bottles are not only a stain on the environment, but also have an adverse effect on health.

Clean and safe drinking water has always remained a major concern of the people. But it’s ironic; people don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. Because water sources contain numerous contaminants that at elevated levels, can cause a series of severe medical conditions such as gastrointestinal illness, developmental effects such as learning disorders, endocrine disorder, and cancer. Drinking water sources include surface water, such as rivers, lakes, and reservoirs and groundwater.

Contaminants found in Drinking water:

Several types of drinking water contaminants may be present in your untreated s include microorganisms, inorganic chemicals (lead, arsenic, nitrates, and nitrites), organic chemicals (atrazine, glyphosate, trichloroethylene, and tetrachloroethylene), and disinfection byproducts (chloroform).

Let’s check some of the most concerning contaminants hanging about in your tap water can


Almost 33% of water systems in the US are known to contain lead service lines. consequently the water is highly lead concentrated. Lead is a hazardous element that can come to your home's tap water through different distribution sources or household plumbing; industrial sources and gets into your body when you consume lead contaminated water. Lead is a toxic metal that causes severe ailments and damage to health. 


Chlorination is one of the most common disinfectant and popular ways to remove bacteria, viruses and worms from municipal water systems. it remains in the water and enters your body when you drink chlorine treated water or your skin may absorb while bathing. The hostile health effects of chlorine of chlorine exposure can cause complicated ailments such as rectal, bladder and breast cancers. 


Chloramines are secondary disinfectants used to treat drinking water and they are  formed when ammonia is added to chlorine to treat drinking water. Chlorine and chloramines react with natural organic elements in water or disinfectant byproducts (DBP’s) that cause severe diseases such as cancer.

if you are consuming water from metal water tapes and lead pipes, or you find rust colored water, stained dishes or laundry you must be doubtful of having hazardous particles in your water. 

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Mirza Ali Nasir
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