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Top Tips for Fortnite Endgame Victory Royale

Richard Branson
Top Tips for Fortnite Endgame Victory Royale

Fortnite shook the gaming industry with its totally ‘new for the time battle royale game,’ and that is one of the reasons why it became one of the most played games in the whole world. Out for quite a few years now, Fortnite has given rise to a lot of different playing styles and gaming situations. One of such situations that you end up playing if you are good enough is the endgame, or towards the end of a match. Here you are faced with really quick-paced combat and building, and achieving a victory royale gets that much harder.

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Achieving a Victory Royale is the biggest accomplishment in Fortnite. These tips and tricks will help players complete the task with helpful tips on what to do during the endgame moments. Being an online multiplayer game, the player competes with a lot of other players from all over the world by harvesting resources, collecting guns and other accessories, and finally remains the last one, or the last team standing, depending on the mode, and gets the victory royale.  Players can play for days, weeks, months, and even years on end without achieving a Victory Royale. Pro players have even made careers out of the game, but even for the most casual of players, the endgame is the most important. Therefore here are some tricks and tips that you can use to gain the upper hand in the competition and go for that final victory royale.

The end game moments are the most vital, and it generally kicks in when there are around 20 players out of 100 who are left on the map. It is really critical as the playing area closes in rapidly, and the resources are limited. Everyone is equipped with the best pieces of equipment one can, and it is a direct face-off. It’s so easy to get flustered or scared during the final moments of a match. This anxiety can cause players to miss shots, make dumb mistakes, or cost them or their team the entire game. There is nothing more frustrating than getting killed after getting so close to a Victory Royale. Mental composure is really important; jumping the gun or making a similar mistake might cost the whole team the game. These vital tips will help you through your final moments.


Coming towards the endgame of a match, the player needs to have an organized inventory. Meaning the player should have easy access to change of guns or shields or healing items and, if still available, building items. The biggest disadvantage will be if the player needs to sort through the different objects in the inventory, looking for the right one during a gunfight. Taking good cover or building something and organizing first is advised for a quick and streamlined fight later on. Taking cover also gives the player time to formulate a plan and acknowledge from which side the bullets are coming.


Like any other battle royale game, the storm keeps on coming closer to bring the players together to fight each other. The time of the storm decreases as the match goes on, and the damage increases, and therefore the need to be where the storm isn’t becomes the top priority. The player needs to know where the storms will be next as that gives the player an edge over the competition if he or she is already in the circle.

The placement of the circle is vital for the final win as it acts for you or terribly against you if you are not in it.  In those final moments, players are much less likely to make any sudden movements. Using storm locations can help players decide their next play. For example, if the storm is moving in a location that negatively impacts your strategy, then the opponent team will likely be in that location, waiting to attack. On the contrary, the storm can be moving in a direction that benefits your team.


Directly more effective for players playing in duos or squads, this is all about teamwork. As the end game approaches, the roles of the players become that much more effective. For example, the sniper can scout and provide cover as the others can rush. Working together is even more effective if all the players sort out the ammo distribution among themselves. If someone has the rocket launcher, giving explosive ammo to that person by another teammate will benefit the whole team a lot as one shot from a rocket can completely destroy player built structures with one hit.  Also, snipers are great intimidation factors during the final moments whenever a player’s nerves are extremely active.


If the storm is not in your favor, you will need to make a move sooner or later. The trick is to go on the attack without getting caught heavily in the fire. If anyone in the team has a bounce pad, this makes the attack much easier; if not, the player needs to run from cover to cover carefully. If a teammate in this stage of the game has a fair amount of building materials, he or she has to lead the charge to give the team a winning chance because the other players will be waiting to attack.

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Richard Branson
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