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Taking RPA to the Next Level with Artificial Intelligence Services

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Taking RPA to the Next Level with Artificial Intelligence Services

Robotic Process Automation Services In India is not new, but it is also here to stay. While as a core technology it may have become commonplace and seemingly limited in scope, the value that artificial intelligence services are adding to RPA makes it immensely dynamic and productive.

Industries like banking, healthcare, insurance, finance, human resource management, etc., have been leveraging the services of RPA vendors for decades now. But isn't the world becoming smart? In that case, is RPA becoming as smart as the world and the processes are? Well, it is. Artificial Intelligence is the one that is making it taking it to the next level of smartness and humanness.

But, isn't it the aim of RPA to reduce human effort and automate processes that can be done without human discretion/intervention? So, why add humanness?

Because that gives you a level of precisions that human discretion can deliver. As simple as that. To clarify further, let's see what RPA alone has to offer to us. Later, we move on to what it can offer with the help of artificial intelligence companies.

What RPA can Do for You:

An overwhelming number of businesses have been leveraging the power of robotic process automation. As per a report by Grand View Research, "The global robotic process automation market size was valued at USD 1.1 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to witness a CAGR of 33.6% from 2020 to 2027."


* It has the ability to let your processes run 24*7 without any human interference.

* Starting from smaller processes to bigger ones and numerous ones, RPA has the scope for scaling up. That means you do not have to spend more on the workforce. With the same resources, you can go right up.

* The odds of errors is minimal and there is maximum transparency without any human bias.

While RPA can do all that for you, there is much more it can do for you with artificial intelligence.

How RPA + Artificial Intelligence Services Help You:

Artificial Intelligence Services In India adds the next level to RPA, i.e. cognitive thinking to your otherwise mechanical processes. AI uses technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to enable bots with developing critical thinking. These bots have amazing capabilities to understand human speech, read and mimic human behavior, and even work with data that isn't structured (unlike in the case of robotic process automation).

This critical thinking or cognitive skills can accomplish tasks that are much more complex than mechanical tasks. So, tasks like fraud detection, insurance claims processing, candidature selection for HRM functions, form completion analysis, etc can be automated through RPA + AI.

Evidently, RPA vendors who also render artificial intelligence services are on their way to revolutionizing not only the automation industry but also the markets like healthcare, insurance, banking, production, sales, marketing, etc., that they are serving.

If your business is also looking at a viable business case for AI-enabled RPA, SynLogics can be of help. Talk to our experts today.

synlogics Inc
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