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Evolution Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

alice jenifferze
Evolution Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Internet has transformed as the undeniable element in people’s life. People started liking to move towards digital and it also rooted the idea for digital money.


In 1996, e-gold, was introduced which allows users to transmit and store digital gold coin. Where users are allowed to deposit and withdraw in grams of gold. This e-gold platform construct the basic idea behind the nowadays cryptocurrency exchanges.

 In the year 2009, the anonymous group named, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the first-ever digital currency Bitcoin.

  In the next year, 2010, the Bitcoin market, the first-ever Cryptocurrency Exchange in the world was started in the USA.

 The first official bitcoin exchange commenced by ordering two pizzas for 10,000 BTC in the initial early days, surprisingly in the year 2013, the cost of 10,000 BTC reaches 750,000 USD. Until the year 2011, the price of the bitcoin not even reaches the value of 1 USD. Think now, in the year 2020 is 9,400 USD.

 In the early days, Crypto exchanges are centralized where all the data and virtual currencies are stored in the centralized server which is highly prone to hacking.

 The Popular Bitcoin Exchange, Bithumb got hacked and money worth $31 million USD was theft. This threads the traders and the created the need for decentralized exchanges

 De-Centralized exchanges are those which does not have any central authority, traders can store their money in their own personal wallet. It is popularly known as hack-proof. But the liquidity in de-centralized exchange is very much less than that of Centralized Exchanges, and Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchanges came into existence.

 Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the combo of centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges.

 Now there are so many cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges in existence. Starting a Cryptocurrency Exchange turned as the everlasting business. Many popular cryptocurrency Exchanges like Binance, localbitcoins, etc earn money in billions.

 If you are the budding entrepreneur and wanted to start a cryptocurrency exchange, we are here for you.

 Bitdeal is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offers end to end services and uplift so many startups as the popular cryptocurrency exchanges with unbeatable scripts.

 We offer services such as

  • Central Exchange Development
  • De-Centralized Exchange Development
  • Hybrid Exchange Development
  • Cryptocurrency wallet development
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange clone script development.





alice jenifferze
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