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How To Keep Air Conditioning Running During Storm Season

Brittany Wolfe
How To Keep Air Conditioning Running During Storm Season

The storm season usually comes with rain, lightning and strong winds that can damage your unit one way or the other. The rain can build up moisture in your system and cause mold and mildew. The lightning can cause power surges. The strong winds could send debris into the unit and damage it. You need to take some precautions during the storm season to save the money you’d be spending on an air conditioning service in Jensen Beach.

You can start by securing your unit and circuit. You may need to call a technician despite your best efforts to fix a problem with the unit.

Tips To Take Care Of Air Conditioning During Storm Season

Secure Your Outdoor Unit

If your outdoor unit isn’t secured to the pad/wall, then you might want to call an air conditioning service in Jensen Beach to fix it so that the strong winds don’t blow it away. If you’re expecting a hurricane, then you should cover your unit with plywood or tarp to prevent debris from falling inside. You might also want to raise the pad to protect the unit from rainwater running on the surface.

Trim Trees And Store Lawn Items

You should trim the branches that are likely to fall off and hit your outdoor unit during a storm. You should also clean your lawn off the fallen leaves and branches to prevent them from blowing into your outdoor unit. You should also store the lawn items like a mower, shears, etc. in your shed. You should also store outdoor furniture not secured to the ground inside.

Switch Off Your AC

If you’re experiencing a lightning storm, then you might want to switch off your air conditioning in Palm City to protect it from a power surge. Especially if you haven’t upgraded your surge protector yet. You can take it a step further by switching off the circuit breaker connected to your unit off. Wait until the storm passes before switching the AC on.

Cool And Insulate Your Room

If you expect the power to go out during the storm, then you should cool your room to a comfortable level and insulate it. Set your thermostat to cooler than room temperature and the fan speed to the highest. Search for gaps in your windows and doors. Cover the gaps with weather strips.

Invest In Surge Protection

An electrical surge could damage your equipment and start an electrical fire. So you need high-quality surge protectors to prevent this. A surge protector shuts the circuit down when it detects power surges. You can switch the circuit back on once after thirty minutes or after the storm passes. You can use whole-house protection or an individual protector for your air conditioning in Palm City.

Buy A Generator

There’s always a chance of power outage during a storm. You should buy a high-quality generator to keep your system running during power outages. You can find many units that start running automatically when the power goes out and stop when the power returns.

Inspect AC For Damage

Despite your precautions, your AC might suffer some damage. You should look for debris and moisture in your outdoor unit and ducts before switching your unit on. Clean your system and look for disconnected wires and pipes before turning it on. Look out for issues with your system like vibration, unusual noises, short cycling and other issues with its functioning. Call an air conditioning service in Stuart if needed.

Schedule Storm Maintenance

There’s a chance that you might miss minor issues with your air conditioners caused by the storm. These might become major if you don’t fix them on time. You should schedule an AC maintenance after the storm season to check and fix these issues in time.

Call Air Conditioning Service To Fix Issues

You should call an air conditioning service in Stuart as soon as you notice any issue with it, no matter how minor it seems. The firm can solve the issue or replace the unit based on the type of damage.

Add Insurance Rider

The homeowner’s insurance usually covers some damage covered by a storm. If your policy doesn’t cover AC repair or replacement due to a storm, then you might want to add a rider to the policy in exchange for an extra premium. This will help you cover costly repairs and replacements.

These are just some steps you can take to protect your air conditioning in Palm City during the storm season. Some of them are only necessary for extreme weather conditions but most of them will help you during normal storms.

Brittany Wolfe
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