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FedPhoneLine - Millhaven Institution - Connect Through Collect Call Number

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FedPhoneLine - Millhaven Institution - Connect Through Collect Call Number

Connect Through Collect Call And Calling Card Number For Millhaven Institution


Millhaven Institution is situated in Bath, Ontario and was opened in 1971,  incarcerates about 430 inmates. It is a maximum-security facility.


At Millhaven Institution, every visitor, including the victims who are staying there, must report at the security desk.  Visitors require photo identification and necessary to sign in a visitor's log. A visitor card is issued, and it should be visible to institutional staff at all times during the visit. Observers and victims will be greeted by a Parole Board of Canada (PBC) Regional Communication Officer, or a Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) will lead them to the waiting room and the hearing room.


On the ground of Millhaven Institution, you may come across some deer. They are not dangerous,  should not approach them, and should not feed the animals.


The security check desk is placed in a building that is separated from the institution. Here, visitors must go through a metal detector where the person is thoroughly checked. The security staff at the institution may ask to leave the personal belongings in a locker.  Please make sure that cameras and recording devices are not allowed in a hearing room.


PBC officer hearing participants consist of: the Board Members, the CSC regional Officer, the criminal and the assistant. The assistant is someone of the offender's choosing, i.e. a family member or a lawyer. The entire proceedings are tape-recorded.


The PBC Officer introduces the visitors and makes sure that ritual safeguards are valued. Board Members then start the hearing just by asking the CSC Parole Officer to present the case and make recommendations. Then the Board Members interview the offender about the criminal and history, behaviour in the institution and results of programming and release plans. The victim's assistant will speak after Board Members finish with the offender's discussion.


A fatality may present a statement to the Board Members. A victim may prefer to read it or give it on a videotape or an audiotape. Observers and victims are seated in the backside of the room. When Board Members complete the meeting with the criminal, then everyone must vacate the room for Board Members to deliberate. Observers return to the waiting room where they can ask queries about what they have observed.


When CSC Members have finished their decision, everyone will come back to the hearing room. The Board Members will then publicize their choice to the criminal and provide reasons for that judgment. Then, at last, the hearing will be completed. The observers may go back to the waiting room where they may ask queries or clarifications about the decision.


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