Kindle Paperwhite Connect To Wifi: Simple Userguide

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If you want to read the downloaded Kindle ebooks offline, you need to complete the Kindle Paperwhite Connect to WiFi  process. It is easy to connect the Kindle paperwhite to the Wireless  network. This will help you to update the Kindle library and search for  the new ebooks, magazines on the Kindle store. For establishing a  successful WiFi connection, you have to access the ‘Settings’ menu and  choose the ‘WiFi’ network from the available list of options. Based upon  your network connection, you might need to enter the password before  you connect. It is very important to know that wifi connectivity process  may vary on the other Kindle devices, for example, Kindle fire. Also,  if you are using the Kindle application, you need to connect your phone,  PC, or tablet to the WiFi connection.
 Kindle Paperwhite Connect to WiFi: Guidelines to Follow
  • O•On your Kindle Paperwhite device, you need to tap on the three horizontal bars present on the top-right corner of your device.
  • •Go to the ‘Settings’.
  • •In the Settings menu, you can see the ‘WiFi Networks’ mentioned as the second option. The text below will show that your device is not connected, but it will show you the list of the available networks to which you can connect your Kindle device. You can tap on it for expanding the options.
  • •Scroll and tap on the network to which you would like to connect.
  • •Now, you have to enter the password and then hit the Ok button. Your Kindle Paperwhite device will be connected automatically and you will see the checkmark appearing next to the selected network in the list.
  • •Enter the WiFi password ( if prompted) to connect your Kindle paperwhite to the WiFi.
Note:  Make sure that you enter the correct wifi password to connect. If you  have not changed the password from its default, you can check the  backside of your router to check the password. And, if you have  forgotten the password, you can reset the router and again connect by  entering the default password. To know the default username and password  of your WiFi, you can also check the WiFi user manual.
For  the book lovers, Kindle Paperwhite is like a bliss. Using this device  users can read their favorite books anytime they want with connected  WiFi. Kindle can also read the book for you if you like to, all you need  is to choose the audio option. We hope that these simple guidelines  will help you to complete the Kindle Paperwhite Connect to WiFi process.  The mentioned guidelines are very simple and easy to follow. But, if  you still have a doubt or there is any other query regarding the  Wireless setup process, we recommend you to contact the Kindle experts  and seek professional advice to connect your Kindle device to the WiFi.
kindle help
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