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Symptoms and Causes Of Knee Pain

Sivaji YS
Symptoms and Causes Of Knee Pain

Knee Pain: Symptoms and Causes

Knee pain is a very common condition, and the older sections of society with aging bones are more susceptible to it. Most instances of knee pain in the youth are nothing to worry about and usually disappear on their own in a week or two. But when they persist for a long time or are too severe that your day to day life is affected, they need to be taken seriously. While rest and painkillers may help with the immediate pain, if the ache persists, it is important that you visit a doctor and get proper treatment.

The first step involved in treating knee pain, of course, is identifying the symptoms.  It is advised to keep a proper record of your symptoms and their severity from day one in case there is a problem and you need medical assistance. In the meantime, you can try various home remedies for knee pain,  such as the ayurvedic pain relief oil by My. Dr Pain Relief. This article will guide you in recognizing symptoms of knee pain so that you can take timely actions. But before that, here are a few common causes of knee pain, since prevention is always better than cure.

Causes of Knee Pain

  1. Injuries

Among the youth, injuries are the most common cause of knee pain. The knee joint is made up of bones and muscles held together by connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons. An injury to any of these components can cause pain in the knee joints. Fractures in the bones of the knee, the kneecap, in particular, is a common injury. In these cases, you will need to see a doctor and decide on a treatment.

It is also possible to dislocate your kneecap if you experience a bad fall landing on your knee or sudden trauma.  Even if it falls back into place on its own, visit a hospital for scans to make sure there are no fractures. 

  1. Excess Weight

The knee joint supports much of your body weight while you carry out physical activities such as running and walking. If too much pressure is exerted on the knees constantly, it will lead to more wear and tear, increasing your susceptibility to a knee injury. Reducing body weight can both help you with your existing knee pain and prevent any pain in the future. A knee brace can help you temporarily if your knee pain is linked to your weight.

  1. Underlying Medical Conditions

Chronic knee pains are generally caused by underlying medical conditions. These need medical assistance to diagnose and treat and should be taken seriously. As you grow older, the bones and muscles naturally weaken and may lead to conditions that cause pain in the knee joints such as Osteoporosis, a condition that leads to a drastic loss of bone mass.

Osteoarthritis of the knee can also cause knee pain. This is a condition in which the cartilage in the knee joint wears away, and the bone underneath overgrows since it is no longer restricted. It usually affects people over 50 years of age and needs medical attention. 

Symptoms of Knee Pain

Symptoms can range from mild to severe. If the pain is debilitating and seems unbearable, visit a doctor without waiting for it to subside. In other cases, you should give them up to 2 weeks to get better on their own, then consult a doctor if required.

Here are a few symptoms of knee pain to look out for:

  1. Sharp and shooting pain in the knee joints while walking.
  2. Difficulty or inability to fully straighten or bend your knees. If this persists, visit a doctor immediately, since it could be a symptom of a meniscus tear.
  3. Pain accompanied by redness or swelling in the kneecap. These pains should subside naturally in a few days.
  4. Feeling of numbness in the kneecap. If you frequently experience this, it is best to visit a doctor since it could be caused by an underlying condition.
  5. Pain that presents itself only at particular times of the day or night, or which affects you annually at a particular time of the year. These can also be a symptom of other medical conditions and need consultation. 

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Sivaji YS
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