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The Key Differences Between JUUL And Vaping

The Key Differences Between JUUL And Vaping

Lots of JUUL vape users keep wondering whether there are any differences between it and other vaping devices. The name ‘JUUL’ refers to a brand of e-cigarettes that are quite popular and commonly sold. In comparison, the terms ‘e-cig’ and ‘vape’ are general terms that are used in referring to varying electronic nicotine devices and systems.

JUUL differs from other varying e-cigarettes in many ways that include;

  • Shape and size: Dissimilar to larger devices which imitate cigarettes, JUUL devices greatly resemble a tiny, USB device.
  • USB chargers: The JUUL devices need their own unique JUUL USB chargers to be charged so that they can maintain their battery level.
  • Pods: JUUL devices use a pod system to get liquid refilled into their system. The initial pods that came with the devices were disposable ones which you just replaced when their e-liquid content got finished. More recently, the brand has produced open and close mods to give some level of flexibility too.
  • Flavours: JUUL pods are offered in a lot of varying flavours that appeal to users (for instance, fruit medley and mango flavours). There is so much variety of different flavours on offer that every user must at least find one that he loves.
  • Nicotine: JUUL devices use nicotine salts which enable users to be capable of inhaling larger nicotine content levels. The nicotine content in a JUUL pod is said to be somewhat equivalent to just one packet of conventional cigarettes. This is among the foremost reasons why people buy JUUL online when attempting to quit smoking conventional cigarettes.
  • Discretion: The vapour that is produced by the JUUL device is a lot more discreet, thus making it a lot easier to use your device without being noticed.

JJUL devices have turned quite popular as their sales surged by as much as 600% between 2016 and 2017 alone. There are claims that it’s capable of helping people to quit smoking.


The ‘term’ vaping is more general. It refers to all systems that utilize a heating element to vaporize an e-liquid which users then inhale. Even though vapes are a lot different in looks, they all feature four basic components.

  • Vape reservoir or cartridge: This is the chamber of a vape that holds a kind liquid that is known as ‘e-liquid’ or ‘juice’ which could feature content of nicotine or other varying chemicals.
  • Atomizer: This is the component of a vaping device that functions as its heating element that works in vaporizing the liquid.
  • Battery: This is the component that offers a source of power that produces the energy that the atomizer needs to function.
  • Mouthpiece: The user of a vaping device holds this part to his mouth so he can inhale the vapour.

Vapes are a bit more customizable than JUULs and their pods. Individuals can create unique blends and flavours of ingredients to vape, including nicotine-free versions.

These are the key differences that exist between a JUUL vape device and vaping. It is hoped that the information that has been offered in this article will answer the questions of users who are asking. Additionally, it’s hoped that it will help those looking to start vaping in choosing the device they’d like to use.

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