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Make Your Grocery Shopping Easy With These Apps

Alice John
Make Your Grocery Shopping Easy With These Apps

Buying groceries is not an easy task. You have to go through a whole process of “looking” as you have to look into the fridge to figure out what is needed in the kitchen, then you have to look at everyone’s individual needs and at last, you have to look at the nutrition facts of the things you are buying. Listing all these things is another headache where you have to make sure that you don’t miss anything important, but how often does it happen that you complete your shopping of groceries without missing something? 

Well, your mobile phone has made everything easier, then why should not it be making a listing of your grocery items easy too? In this article, we have got you a list of the apps, which are going to assist you in creating your shopping list in an organized manner. These apps will not only make sure that you don’t miss important items, but they will also check the nutrition facts of the items you are putting on that list. Your spouse and other family members will also have a chance to add the items they want to eat because you will be able to share this virtual list with them easily, and it will be a complete list on your mobile when you enter the store. 


This app totally lives up to the expectations of a great grocery listing app. It is a smart app that suggests you common things as you start writing them and then organizes them into categories. It makes sure that you don’t miss anything important with frequent suggestions. The list you make on this app can be easily shared with your family members and they can add the items they need. That will get synced with your final list. This app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store and has received a pretty good rating. 


This app has got a unique way to work. You receive personalized suggestions of recipes based on your diet plan and once you add those recipes in the menu of the week, it will prepare your grocery list with all the ingredients needed for that menu with a single tap. This app is available for both iOS and Android. 

Our Groceries

As the name suggests, this app is a grocery list of your family. The list on this app can be edited by multiple people at the same time and can also be accessed online. Not just this, the list can be accessed on your Apple Watch as well, which is a unique feature. You can run this app on iOS or Android devices. 

Bring it!

This is a useful app if you are planning a party or an event. The easy and organized interface of this app helps you in buying things for a large number of people in an organized way. The list on this app can be shared with multiple users that makes it a great app for professional caterers also. 

Cozi Family Organizer 

This app is going to organize grocery schedules and keep a track of everyone’s needs in the family allowing kids in the family to add their favorite snacks to the list. The calendar in this app will keep track of everyone’s diet schedule. It also sends reminders to your email for important events. If you are cooking something using the recipe section on the app, it also gives you a “no-dim” button, so you can continue cooking without the screen going off. 

Opt Up

Opt Up does not only help you in making your list but also gives nutrition scores to the products on your list which helps you in deciding the right products to buy. You also get swapping suggestions for the items with lower nutrition scores. This app can be accessed on Android and iOS.  

These apps on our list will surely help you in choosing the right products and will make sure that you don’t miss any of the items you need on your shopping day. 


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Alice John
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