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If you wish to start a business, it’s not a simple thing, You should research more and make a Qperfect plan to start and make a profitable business. In today’s world,  the Delivery business is taking a turnover to million to billions in Food Delivery Business and Grocery Delivery Business in this COVID - 19 situation. Let us see more about these products to achieve your entrepreneurial goal.


Food and grocery delivery business has a huge impact on some social safety measures like contactless delivery, secure online payment options. And even the delivery persons use a safety mask, washing and sanitizing their hands. Let Introduce the Contactless delivery to be safe for the users and drivers.


Let us see some briefly about food delivery and grocery Script.


Here, Goferzone provides you with online food delivery script software and grocery delivery software with top-notch features for startups. Scripts were available on both web and mobile apps. Uber Eats Clone script will provide you a separate login for user, store, driver, and admin, The web panel will be provided to monitor the sites.


Our Goferzone provides you the best food delivery script and grocery delivery script with live demos and can check all the benefits and features in our products. Are you willing to start your business with our company? , we provide you technical support, full customization has an entrepreneur likes. We can add-ons features through our client wishes like drone delivery or using some Artificial Intelligence process. We do all modifications within our given time. The business can start and go live within 2-3 days.


UberEats Clone Features



    • Easy sign-up

      Sign up process will be simple by using the phone number or e-mail id, or another easy way Can log in easily with social media like Facebook, Gmail, and etc,.


  • Document Submission

    The driver has a registration process, In that, some of the driver documents will be asked to upload and the document should be verified once and the driver can start a ride.

  • Profile Management

    The driver can update his own details like photo, name, DOB, number, etc, to make a profile updated.


Earning History

The Driver can check the total amount of money earned in completed trips and can check the canceled trips.

    • Navigations

      The users can choose the exact location point, the driver will use the tracking and go towards the point. It’s useful for the driver to find the users easily.


  • Ratings & Reviews

    Once the order was delivered and completed the process, The driver will get feedback from the users through the ratings & reviews






  • Prompt Notifications

    The order and order details will receive the notification to the driver.
  • Timely update

    The restaurant will update once the food order is confirmed and the preparation and how they delivered

  • Add Favourites

    The restaurant and food items can be added to favorite options to order easily the liked items and can check easily availability of items.




  • Manage Profile

    The profile can be easily updated with name, picture, DOB, address, and some more additional details to place orders easily.

  • Filter options and more.

    The filter option can be sort as popular, best, veg or nonveg, and location can be changed. 






  • Restaurant Status

    Restaurants can be updated with online/offline status to take orders or not.
  • Order Management

    Once the order received, got immediately notify to manage the order in the section. The restaurant can accept or reject the orders.

  • Live Tracking

    Once the order was placed and driver details, location can be seen by the restaurant partner, restaurant partner can check the driver through live tracking to the food delivered.



Admin will have a separate dashboard panel to control all operations going throughout the website. The requirements of the admin panel can add sub-admin, accountant, so the admin easily separates the roles to be allocated to the users. Admin can create a user and any kind of irrelevant user admin can be deleted. The admin can manage the different modules for exchanging and any promotional product measures. Through our demo page, you can know more about the admin features. 


Thank you for reading this blog.


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Gofer zone
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