Everything You Need to Know About Sweep

Alice John

Want to stay ahead of others? Try the monitoring business expenses with Sweep. You can quickly digitize complete expenses and travel bookings of the journey with the help of Sweep. It is a tool for effective management of time and money for large businesses, startups, or individuals. Sweep has a simple solution that comes integrated with it. It has open bank compatibility with a good reporting ability. However, it does have a patchy website and certainly needs some additional features and updates.




Sweep works on both Android and iOS. The objective of Sweep is to make the process of keeping track of travel and expenses, as easy as possible.

Sweep has two variants: Sweep Expenses and Sweep Travel. It also has a bunch of reporting tools for better management of the accounts. Even though its Expenses edition is good, its Travel edition offers additional features where you can also book accommodations and other necessities on a business trip.

Sweep: Pricing

As already stated, Sweep has two editions: Expenses and Travel. The monthly price of Sweep Expenses is £5 for a user. On subscribing to the service, you get the first 5 expenses within the month, free of cost. The Expenses edition is perfect for small teams that have very few expenses to enter.

Sweep Travel, on the other hand, has a monthly price of £10 for a user. Also, there are +2.5% booking charges and it includes access to Sweep Expenses. If you have to process a vast number of expenses, you must need a feature-loaded package. So, you can opt for the Sweep Travel package.

Sweep: Features

You can tackle the expenses with the help of the tool related to smart payment categorization. You can also go for real-time transaction tracking.

Sweep auto-populates various fields whenever any new expense gets added. It does almost everything which you would expect from a software like this. You can export your detailed report of the event or month in the form of a PDF or CSV file. You can also directly send it to the desired mail address.


Sweep is one of the most effective services for managing business expenses. Both of its variants: Expenses and Travel, are worth buying, as you get a lot of features for whatever price you pay for them. All in all, Sweep an affordable, value for money and appealing expense tracking solution.

Source : Everything You Need to Know About Sweep

Alice John
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