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What Are Some Vital Points To Add While Making Roommate Agreement?

Anavi Sharma
What Are Some Vital Points To Add While Making Roommate Agreement?

A roommate agreement is a surety that will keep you and your roommate at ease that things won't go wrong and you people don’t face fights everyday. It will keep you on the same page regarding expectations and responsibilities. This will provide you guideline and insight how will your living look like. There is difference in lease and roommate agreement, lease set down guidelines between tenant and landlord where as roommate agreement is between tenant and tenant. This agreement contains obligations and duties one has to do and keep you at harmony. Unfortunately such a good option is less followed by people, but if you are going to share a room with someone or your friend then it's better to suggest them about this, so decide everything before hand and make sure to add these vital points given below by Packers And Movers Bangalore.

Rent payment:

Before your first rent payment become due decide how you will split the rent and who will remit the fill rent amount to the landlord. If utilities and benefits are equal then divide equally if not like one is having an suite bathroom or a larger bedroom then you can divide accordingly, also know the criteria of payment, will your landlord want lump sum payment or multiple payments is allowed, in case of lump sum. For an example A and B will share rent evenly, B will be responsible to submit the amount to the landlord on time. And A will contribute his rent through cash within 3 days rent becomes payable. Remember when choosing reliable moving company what traits you need to look for, need any help read #Packers and #Movers guide based on this.

Home chores:

Home chores are the major reasons for contention between roommates and it will definitely because everyone has different lifestyle and taste. So discuss who will do what and when and write it down. For an example A and B will be responsible for cleaning their personal space on their own and for shared space they will divide the work like one will do bathroom and one will do living room and do the kitchen cleaning and one will responsible for throwing the trash. Wanna move with your family including little pup, don't worry #Movers And #Packers in #Bangalore are here, just sit and let them handle the job.


Just like what you followed for the rent, do the same for the utilities and registered the utilities in one roommate name and other will be responsible for paying the payment to him/her on time. Example A and B will share the utilities payment evenly and all will be registered under A's name and B have a time period of 10 days before the due date for the payment of utilities.


If your significant other will come home then ask will that be allowed or not and overnight stay of guest is allowed or not, and prior permission of roommate is must. Limitation when guests are allowed over, certain personal spaces guests can't go how long guest can stay. Opt for online home survey for #moving #cost estimation, need one call Packers and Movers Whitefield Bangalore.

A and B allowed guests to stay only for two nights and then permission of other roommate is required. Guest's are allowed for weekend evening but for week night prior permission of other one is needed.



Quiet hours:

There are some basic rule which we must follow and consider when we are not living alone, like no noise before 8 pm. May be one of you have night shift and other one having a day shift then you both have to consider the level of noise all the time. Set time like loud music is allowed between this and this time.

A and B agreed to listen to their music or video wearing headphones or earphones after 10 pm. If guests are over then conversation should be in limited voice or in personal room.

Separate space:

Write down the spaces in roommate agreement so to avoid argument over space. If you don't like that anyone touch your thing without your permission then discuss it, for using my personal thing, talk to me first. Like A will have orange room and B will have white room. And for other space they will share equally. Thinking how to move your luxurious car safely, don't think much contact Local Packers and Movers Hsr Layout Bangalore.


May be your roommate won't like to share food, so discuss this before hand like what expectation they have.  Go over discuss will food will be Packers And Movers Belgaum shared between roommates and if then what, it is just cooking utensils and baking basis like oil and flour or everything equally. If food will be divided and discuss how the #cost will be divided.

A and B will purchase their own food and one need to get permission before touching others.


What is the protocol for breaking the lease agreement earlier then decided. Here we are little limited because landlord have their own specific rules relating to this.

Example if roommate want to move out early then he/she will be responsible for covering the share of expenses outlined in the lease agreement till the new one arrive. Wanna move out of states call professional #Movers and #Packers in #Bangalore.

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Anavi Sharma
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