How to find a suitable career after a degree in Political Science

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Most people would say that the political science degree is not a professional course but will equip one with the knowledge of the political scenario and groom many other skills that make one suitable for a job. The BA Hons Political Science colleges fees in Lucknow though seem high and we wonder about the ROI for this degree. This degree from the top BA Hons Political Science colleges in Lucknow provides a range of opportunities both in the government sector as well as in the private world.

Some of them are:

  1. Civil services: This is one of the most popular choices amongst political science graduates who end up working for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) or the Indian Foreign Services (IFS). Many questions in the civil services examination, both in the preliminary and main sections are based upon polity, and studying this course helps provide an edge to the student. The selected graduates work to help the nation work smoothly and influence the decision-making process in political circles. At the global level, they represent India and help make Indian politics take suitable decisions as per the situation.
  2. Politics: In the last few years, there has been an influx of young people joining politics directly. Many of them also work as a political analyst or as a campaign manager for a political party or the government. Although a career in politics does not require any formal course or degree, the political science degree will provide a definitive edge to any person joining this field. Graduates usually join a political party by volunteering for one that matches with their ideologies.
  3. Law: A graduate of political science has already developed and improved upon their critical thinking and analytical skills through the course. The graduate-level law degree is a five-year course but one can pursue instead a three-year course of LLB after completing their political science degree. They shall also need to pass the All India Bar examination conducted by the Bar Council of India to start working as a lawyer.
  4. Political scientist: This role requires the study of various governmental systems, the operations and interactions of different cities and countries, and the impact of government policies. They study the present conditions and then provide recommendations to the government on the steps that may be implemented.
  5. Social service: This career will allow you to help society without getting into actual bureaucracy and politics. Career options abound for political science graduates with various state level, national level, as well as with international NGOs, government outreach programs, and with MNCs who have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department.
  6. Journalism: A large number of graduates from the top BA Hons Political Science colleges in Lucknow join the media groups to cover news related to politics and to provide awareness to the public.

Any of these career fields as per your choice shall pay handsome salaries. The BA Hons Political Science colleges fees in Lucknow seen against the career choices, the salaries they provide, as well as the perceived position in the society, provide the best ROI to join a political science degree today.

amity university
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