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What does creatinine urine mean?

Rohit Saini

Creatinine is a natural chemical waste substance that takes form during the process of muscle metabolism or breakdown. This chemical waste is generated by your liver and reaches your bloodstream from where it is transported to the kidneys that separate creatinine from the blood and eventually filter them out to the urine. Healthy kidneys filter creatinine from your blood efficiently though a little amount of creatinine exists in your blood, which is a natural condition. It becomes tougher for your kidneys to filter creatinine out of your blood when they fall ill.


In this post, you will get to know about traditional and non-traditional healing processes for creatinine urine mean. Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine acts upon the origin of increasing creatinine to normalize serum creatinine and creatinine urine.


What does a creatinine level test involve?


In order to measure the creatinine level, various tests are conducted. The most commonly used lab tests for measuring creatinine values are determined as below:-


Creatinine Urine test- This test uses all urine samples that are collected over 24 hours. The test measures the level of creatinine present in urine.


Serum Creatinine test- The medical test that helps to detect creatinine levels present in your blood is the Serum Creatinine test. The test uses some blood samples that are obtained from the patients.


Based on the tests’ reports, your doctor estimates your Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) that tells the present working capability of your kidneys. Abnormal creatinine values both in blood or urea; both are problematic and thus need to be cured as soon as possible.


What treatment works well in creatinine urine? 


Creatinine in urine can be normalized as the existing cause is cured naturally. Most of the problems related to creatinine occur due to poor kidney health. When your kidney function gets impaired, these organs are not so capable of performing their natural functions effectively. Primarily, the wastes and other impurities level rise in the blood and decrease in urine. Now, you can understand, to standardize the level of creatinine in urine or blood, treating kidney disease is a must. As far as the best kidney disease treatment is concerned, Ayurveda can play a pivotal role. Most of us think that Allopathy is the most efficient healing system that aims to cure kidney problems, but it’s not completely true.


Allopathy utilizes some prescribed medicines, dialysis, and, eventually, kidney transplant in order to cure all sorts of kidney problems. But, let us tell you that this advanced remedial system encompasses the potential only to manage kidney problems, not cure them. This conventional healing science is limited to complications of kidney problems but leaves the deep causes untouched, so this treatment can’t offer a permanent cure.


On the contrary, if we discuss Ayurvedic treatment, you will be amazed to know that Ayurveda gives good results in kidney problems. The reason is its working phenomenon that targets the deep and pre-existing causes of a kidney problem primarily. Simultaneously, this natural healing science also takes into consideration the complications associated with a kidney problem. In short, the Ayurvedic remedial system works extremely well in kidney problems as it holds the potential to tackle any further kidney damage and reverses the condition entirely. If it comes to the working process, this age-old healing therapy takes into utilization the healing attributes of herbs, some ancient healing therapies, and some lifestyle alternations. With such practices, Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine tries to cure kidney problems and improve kidney function. Thus, the kidneys are back to their normal health and are capable of clearing out creatinine from your blood naturally. In addition, the abnormal creatinine urine level gets normal once the kidney problem is fixed naturally. Ayurvedic medicine for creatinine doesn’t put any side-effects on your body as they contain only natural herbs and their extracts.

Rohit Saini
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