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Best Benchmarking Software for Windows

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Best Benchmarking Software for Windows

Benchmarking is a great way to monitor the performance of your computer. The technical details of your computer can help you in knowing its capabilities, especially if you are planning to run a specific game. One of the best ways to take a snapshot of the performance of your PC is by using benchmarking software.  Benchmarking software enables you to overclock your system and change the fan speed settings.

In this article, we will mention some benchmarking software you can use for your computer:


CPU Z enables you to have a complete rundown of your system’s hardware details, especially regarding your CPU. You can find the specifications of your RAM, graphics card, and motherboard. With CPU Z you can also save a TXT file via the “Tools” option.

HW Monitor

HW Monitor visualizes the model of the hardware components in your PC and also displays some live parameters like power consumption, utilization percentage, clock speeds, fan speeds, and temperature. The monitoring of these components can be crucial to monitor some critical issues like overheating, which can eventually shut down your computer. HW Monitor offers a simple yet intuitive interface that enables the users to view and understand all the values. You can also save this information by performing the troubleshooting from the “File” option.

SiSoftware Sandra Lite

SiSoftware Sandra Lite provides information about the inner workings of your computer, and it can also perform a detailed analysis on various computers. The SiSoftware Sandra Lite software can help you in testing your computer’s memory bandwidth, compare network performance, or compare your computer’s power efficiency. One of the most exciting features of the software is its online reference database. It can benchmark your online connection and compare the performance with other processors and gives you a better idea of how you can upgrade it.


Speccy is the most preferred benchmarking software in the gaming community because of its simple layout of a PC’s hardware configuration. Once you launch the software, you can view the thorough rundown of every component and driver on your PC. You can access more information about specific hardware like temperature, voltage, fan speeds, etc. by clicking on the left side of the window.


CineBench is one of the most trusted software to benchmark your system. It renders an image of tasks which is primarily undertaken by the CPU and benchmark it with other tests to give you a better idea about your CPU’s performance. CineBench performs tests on all available processor cores of the CPU and grades your processor in points. The higher-grade represents good performance output.


Fraps is another benchmarking software which is quite famous in the gaming community because of its easy to use interface. Fraps enable you to view and save the FPS ratings over time. The FPS ratings can be useful to benchmark new software, overclocking your PC, recording gameplay, and even screenshot.


RealBench uses open-source applications and simple scripting to stimulate the performance of your PC. You can also upload the results to the RealBench official website to benchmark it with other hardware configurations. Some of the best features of RealBench are:

  • There is no stress testing to gauge the performance of your CPU.
  • It stimulates a regular course load.


Monitoring the real-time performance of your computer can be useful in many ways. No matter if you have installed new hardware or overclocked your GPU, benchmarking can tell if there is any need to upgrade your computer or buy a new one. Benchmarking can be an overwhelming process, but it can tell you what exactly you can expect from your computer.

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