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Hacks to Use Zoom Like a Pro

Jack thomson
Hacks to Use Zoom Like a Pro

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, millions of people throughout the globe took to the Zoom app. This service allowed people to get going with their work from home. It might be a video call related to work, school or just casually catching up with friends and family, Zoom has all the amazing features to make the app more interesting. You might know how to use some of these features but maybe you aren’t aware of some of the other useful features. So, here we are with this guide to turn you into a Zoom pro.



Change Your Background 

Zoom has an interesting feature that allows you to change your background. So next time you make a Zoom call, your background can be set anywhere from a beach to outer space to Disneyland maybe. You might like to skip making over your messy living room because, with Zoom’s virtual background, your actual background won’t be visible anymore.

 To do so, all you need to do is, open Settings > Virtual Background and choose from the default images or upload the image you want as your background. However, to do so, there are a few requirements for your system to fulfill.

Mute Your Audio and Turn Off Your Camera by Default

Has it happened to you that the very moment you connect a video call, your dog starts barking around, or maybe your kid lands into your lap? And then, after the awkward show, you would dive to mute the audio and camera buttons. To save yourself from this trouble, you can simply turn off your camera and audio by default. You just have to go to Settings > Audio > Mute microphone when joining a meeting, and then similarly for video go to Settings > Video > Turn off my video when joining a meeting. 

Mute and Unmute With the Space Bar

You can very easily mute and unmute your mic by pressing and holding the spacebar from your keyboard. So, the next time your name is called out to speak, you don’t have to rush to enable the mic button.

React With Emoji on the Screen 

You can send emoji reactions to the meeting host while you are on mute. You can send a thumbs up or a clapping emoji, by doing this, you can keep acknowledging the speaker without interrupting in between. To send such reaction emojis during a meeting, you will have to click on the Reaction tab at the bottom right of the meeting screen and a box with a lot of emojis will appear. Select the one you want to send and it will disappear automatically after 5 seconds.

Turn on Gallery View

The gallery view allows you to see everyone in the meeting at once, rather than moving between multiple pages. Know that if your meeting has less than 49 attendees, only then all the screens will be displayed on a single page. Otherwise, your screen will multiply into pages to accommodate all the little screens displaying the attendees. To turn that on, look for a tab named “Gallery view” in the top right corner and click it.

Hide Nonvideo Participants

While using the Gallery view, your screen tends to get cluttered with participants, and this includes the ones who aren’t even using their cameras. So why to put their screens on your display when it’s just a dark blank screen with nothing to look at. You have the advantage to hide these participants to lessen the cluttering. You can do this by going to Settings > Video > Meetings, and check to Hide non-video participants.

Share Your Screen

The screen sharing feature on Zoom makes this app all the more useful. This particular function allows you to share your screen for a Zoom meeting with other participants. This can be done very easily by clicking the Share screen icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the meeting screen. For your convenience, you can choose to share your entire desktop or just one of the windows you have opened.

Record the Meeting to Your Computer

Both free and paid Zoom subscribers have the advantage to record their meetings using the desktop application. Note that this feature can only be availed using a laptop or a computer. These recorded files can then be used for later references or maybe to upload on a video streaming service such as YouTube or Vimeo. To enable local recording, navigate to Settings > Recording, and toggle the slider to on position. If you are the host of a Zoom meeting, you will find the Record icon on the bottom toolbar. 

We hope these tips and tricks were able to make your Zoom calls more interesting and productive.


Source:-  Use Zoom Like a Pro

Jack thomson
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