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The importance of teducational toys for kids

shane jo
The importance of teducational toys for kids

The importance of educational toys for kids

Raising a child is no joke, in fact, forming a person who depends entirely on you requires enormous responsibility. Fortunately, there are many elements that can help us with this difficult task, and toys are one of them.

Surely the phrase of having fun and learning sounds familiar to you, and that is precisely what educational toys can provide for the education of your children. Choosing a toy for a child is not choosing something to distract her. Through toys, children learn and form. And, there is no better compliment for education than a toy.

Traditional toys
In recent times, wooden toys have acquired special interest. And it is that the advantages of traditional toys are so numerous that they have never been left behind. For starters, they are safer toys, with fewer bacteria, and last much longer.

Another advantage of these toys is that they take care of the environment and also help children understand the importance of taking care of it. In addition, its simple and geometric shapes enhance the child's creativity.

Wood stimulates children's senses, especially touch. It is a much more natural material than plastic and helps us with the sensitivity of the little ones. In the same way, the smell that the wood gives off will also help to stimulate the sense of smell.

Thus, wooden toys have playful, environmental, sensitive and educational qualities , which make them have high benefits.

Choosing a toy according to age
And whether it's for your son, for a nephew or for the son of a friend, the truth is that it is complicated. We all want to get it right, but there are so many things to choose from that it can be difficult. Buying online can be quite useful, and on pages like Cerebrito Pérez , we can choose according to the age and preferences of the child in question.

If you are going to buy a gift and you want to get it right, we recommend that you first look at the child's age. It is not the same to buy a gift for a baby of months than for a child of 8 years, so, when buying a toy, the first thing is to get the age right.

If you want to have a more approximate idea of the toy that is most suitable, we offer you a brief summary of the most appropriate toys for children depending on their age. Of course, then you will have to take into account the preferences of the little one to find the perfect toy.

Toys for babies. The first year
Mobiles above the crib, rattles, bells ... these will be the elements that will attract the most attention of babies in the first three months of life. In addition, they will also help them with stimulation, so they are ideal for the little ones.
After three months the child begins to pick up objects, so the manipulation of things will take center stage at this time. Rubber dolls, rings, and rattles will be within the usual. And for older babies, matching games, activity mats, or simple puzzles will be the favorites of children next to one year old.

Toys for children from 1 to 3 years
For 1-year-olds, construction games are especially relevant. This is a time when children grow very quickly and are very curious about objects.

Simple constructions objects that roll like cars, carts and trains, that allow movement are suitable in this age. It is time to develop motor skills.

Toys for children 4-7 years
At this age, group play begins to be important. You will surely see that the child increasingly wants to play with other children her age. If you want to buy a gift for children of this age, a costume of their favorite protagonist will be a great idea.

There are also other activities that they will like, such as everything related to baby care, cooking, puppets or drawing materials. They will love drawing and painting and will begin to discover their artistic skills.

Toys for children from 7 to 10 years
A stage begins in which stimulating movement is essential. Sport appears in the child's life, and doing it in the form of play will be essential for them to develop their skills and improve in physical exercise.(toys for kids girls)

Bicycles, skateboards, ropes, rings ... will be ideal for children of these ages. But beware, the cognitive game also begins, and board games will also be a safe bet.

shane jo
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