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How To Choose Bracelets And Chains By Clasps

Shiraz Kahn
How To Choose Bracelets And Chains By Clasps

Clasps are not only the fastening feature of a jewelry used solely for the purpose of joining the two ends. We may overlook its appearance and consider it an underrated component. However, clasps are an integral part of the design of bracelets and chains. Apart from their functionality and practicality, clasps also help enhance the overall beauty of bracelets and chains. Besides, our preferences play a significant role in choosing these pieces of jewelry based on the attached clasps. For example, many prefer the clasps of bracelets and chains to be pretty easy so they can fasten it one-handed. Whereas many go for designs and looks of clasps, so their entire jewelry exudes an aesthetic demeanor.

Find out the most popular types of clasps listed below. You can select chains, cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, and link bracelets based on your choice for the right type of clasps.

  1. Magnetic Clasps

With simple, easy-on and easy-off closure, magnetic clasps work best for the lightweight bracelets and chains. They provide not only ease but also have a sleek design. Plus, you can select the size of the clasp as per the weight of your bracelets and chains.

  1. Toggle

If your bracelets and chains weigh anywhere from medium to heavy, toggle clasps do the best job. Not only can they bear the weight of your heavy chains, but you can fasten them with only one hand. Besides, they come in a variety of sizes and materials so you can pick the one you like. Just ensure your bracelet fits a bit loose so the toggle can’t get opened accidentally.

  1. Lobster Claw

Considered as one of the safest options, lobster claps are best for the slightly heavier and very chunky chains and bracelets. They are quite strong and large in size and suit best with masculine designs. They look simple yet elegant part of the jewelry. Different sizes, plantings and materials are available in this clasp.

  1. Fold-over Clasps

Fold-over clasps are the most widely used and popular clasps for bracelets. You can easily open and close the clasps with one hand. They require you to select a medium to large jump ring to use for the other end of the bracelet.

  1. Spring Ring

Spring rings are yet another most commonly used clasps for bracelets and chains jewelry. They are lightweight, inexpensive and come in all types of materials, sizes and platings to choose from. However, you may find it a bit difficult to hook them using one hand. You need to use a chain tab or jump ring to hook the spring rings into at the other end of your strung design jewelry. This style is particularly suitable for delicate, lightweight chains.

6.Snap Clasps

If you are not comfortable with either lobster claws or spring rings, snap clasps would probably satisfy you. Just the name implies you can pop them opened and closed like a snap. They are efficient to use for bracelets and work best with the lighter weight materials and designs.

7. Hook and Eye Clasps

These clasps won’t do well with lightweight and loose-fitting jewelry. However, if you are going for heavier chains and tight-fitting bracelets, hook and eye clasps are worth considering. It is because the weight or tension of the bracelet or choker chains helps to keep the clasps secure. Some of the types of hook clasps include S-Hooks or S-Clasps, and hook and ring clasps. They all work almost in the same manner. Once the hook is enclosed into the ring, the weight of your bracelet will pull each of them in opposing directions, finally securing them together. It is the gravity that makes it work.

Shiraz Kahn
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