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Methods for Boosting the App Engagement

karen jodes
Methods for Boosting the App Engagement

Every day tons of mobile apps are created and launched, but not all of them get success. Well, how can we decide which app is successful, or which one is not? The answer is very simple – by checking the rate of app engagement; it is the only factor that tells us how many people are using an app and for how long.

The app that gets more engagement is considered a successful app. But owing to the rising competition in the mobile app market It is not easy for any developer to create an app that will get more engagement. However, there are some ways to increase the app engagement, and if a developer keeps in mind these tips while developing a mobile app; it can change the entire game.

Tips to Get More App Engagement

Well, there is no 100% certainty in anything. However, the tips we are going to share are suggested by various experts, and I’m damn sure that these tips will help you increase app engagement. So, let’s get started.

Efficient Onboarding

Well, everybody loves using the app with a straightforward user interface. So make sure that the app you are developing should have an efficient onboarding process so that users will not face any difficulty in the account creation process. It is one of the most crucial factors to increase user engagement on any mobile app.

Interactive and Mobile-Native Content

People love the things that they can relate with, so the app you are developing must contain some interactive content entirely based on the needs and preferences of users. Everyone likes to see and know more about the things they are already familiar with, so adding interactive and mobile-native content on the app can get more app engagement and retention.

Push Notifications

Most people install an app, use it for a while and forget it after a period. Well, in this case, sending a push notification to the user can be a very helpful trick. Sending push notifications can help you get the user’s attention, and it can increase the app engagement significantly. It is an excellent method to remind the user about the existing app, and every developer should add this feature to the apps.

Incentivization Program

Everyone loves to get rewards for their work, and launching an incentivization program on an app is the most fruitful idea to boost the traffic on the app. Offering various rewards to the app users based on their activities on the app will make them feel special and eventually increase the app engagement.

Deep Linking

Deep linking is undoubtedly a fantastic way to get more users for your app. It can help make the app’s notifications more powerful and increase user engagement on the app.

Add Quick Actions to the Home Screen

Adding quick actions to an app can significantly increase user engagement on the app. Quick actions do not take much time to execute a particular action, and users can access quickly to a particular tool. And hence it is an excellent way to make an app user more engaged with it.

Integrate Robotic Assistant

Robotic assistants are quite popular nowadays, and people love using them. Adding a robotic assistant like Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant can significantly boost user engagement on the app.

In-App Analytics

You can also add some excellent free mobile app analytics tools on your app so that you can understand your app users. You can use various mobile app analytics tools to add this feature such as Flurry Analytics, ApScience, Google Mobile App Analytics, etc. This method can help you understand the interests of your app users and increase user engagement on the app significantly.

So, these are a few methods that I would recommend you to use for developing your apps to get more user engagement. Thank you!

source: Methods for Boosting the App Engagement

karen jodes
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