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How to Make a Stark Robot Dance in Fortnite Season 4 Week 5

Bobby clarke
How to Make a Stark Robot Dance in Fortnite Season 4 Week 5

Fortnite recently introduced a fresh new set of challenges in their Season 4 Week 5. Week 4 from Season 4 was really incredible and slightly easy, according to most of the players. However, Week 5 doesn’t seem to offer the same level of difficulty. By looking at the challenges and their locations, current week challenges could be slightly tricky. Some of the missions ask the players to reach a certain location, but those locations’ names are not mentioned on the map.

Among several challenges, a certain challenge asks the players to make a Stark Robot dance. It’s a new type of challenge because ever since the release Fortnite never released any similar mission to this one. Even though it’s a new mission, there’s nothing to be worried about. By using the right tips, you can complete this challenge without facing any fuss. So here is the guide to make the Start Robots dance.

Locate the Start Robots

Stark Robots don’t spawn anywhere on the map. They are available on certain locations of the map. So to complete this mission, first, you have to find their location. The good news is the Stark Robots are available on several different areas of the map. The easiest way to find them is to get to the “Start Industries.” Stark Industries is the main location of the Stark Robots. In Week 3, Fortnite gave a task to eliminate Iron Man. In that following mission, players had to take down the Stark Robots first to defeat Iron Man.


Defeating the Iron Man mission happened at Stark Industries, so most of the players are aware of this location. Once you reach the Stark Industries, you’ll find plenty of Stark Robots there. The Robots are nowhere friendly with any player. So before getting there, prepare yourself with weapons and medkits. Most of the time, Stark Industries is packed with enemies, so be careful until you see an enemy.

The best thing you can do is to avoid early landing at Stark Industries. Usually, players land at Stark Industries directly through a flying bus, but you have to avoid this process. If you land there directly, you might face plenty of enemies plus the Stark Robots. However, if you don’t prefer to get there, you can also try the “Quinjet Patrol” location. There you can find Stark Robots, and chances of appearing enemies are very low. You can easily spot the Quinjet Patrol location by a tiny jet icon on Fortnite’s map. Players cannot get there by using the bus, so it is one of the best places you can try to complete this mission.

Whatever location you choose among two, just try to avoid the tall silver robot. If you see that robot coming towards you, be ready with weapons. You can find some powerful gears at Stark Industries, but it’s a major war-zone area. So when you land on Quinjet Patrol, make sure to find great loot to eliminate some problematic robots.

How to Make the Stark Robot Dance

Once you reach your preferred area, all you need to do is take down a Stark Robot and operate it. Use a powerful weapon to take down the Stark Robot quickly. You can use the Shotgun to make it happen in two attempts. If you use any weak weapon, it might take some time. Once you reach the Quinjet Patrol or Stark Industries, remember to take down every Stark Robot you see to avoid any kind of interference while operating.

Operating a robot is not an easy task, so try to make things simple as much as possible. If you bring your teammates with you, your missions can turn slightly easy. Your teammates can deal with opponents while you can operate a Stark Robot. Playing this mission with friends can help you a lot. Even if you land on Stark Industries, you’ll get some help from your teammates.

Once you have access to robots, you need to perform a emote move. You can try it multiple times to ensure the Stark Robot is also performing. Once you made the Stark Robot dance, you’ll see the notification of mission success, and you’ll have your XP credit. If your teammates are also working on the same mission, you both can play together, and both can complete the mission in a single match.


The difficulty of the following mission depends on its location. If players land on the Stark Industries, they’ll find plenty of enemies and will face much disturbance. Stark Industries is a popular site, and only those players land there that enjoy war-zone areas. The players who only wish to complete the mission should land on Quinjet Patrol to finish the mission easily.

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Bobby clarke
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