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Colorado Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist

Sean Chase
Colorado Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist

In Colorado, the weather often switches quickly from summer temperatures to winter storm warnings. That’s why we recommend tackling fall roof maintenance early to ensure your roof is in top shape to stand up to the cold, ice and snow. When you stay on top of roof maintenance your roof lasts longer and works better.

Five Fall Roof Maintenance Tasks

1. Clean Gutters

One of the best things you can do for your roof is to clean the gutters each fall. When gutters become clogged and don’t drain properly, water builds up on the roof leading to damage. This worsens during winter months when melted snow and ice can’t drain and refreezes creating ice dams.

Instead, either schedule gutter cleaning or clean the gutters yourself. With DIY gutter cleaning the goal is to remove obstructions by clearing leaves, debris and other blockage from the gutters. Then rinse the gutters to ensure the downspouts are clear with correct drainage.

2. Inspect Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles point to a problem with the roof. Hail, wind and falling debris can cause shingle damage. Also, without the right attic ventilation, the shingles may suffer heat damage.

If you discover cracked, bulging, missing or other shingle issues, contact your Denver area roofing company for repairs. Ignoring shingle damage leads to further problems, including leaks. Your roof’s shingles are the first line of defense against the elements. Don’t wait to make repairs.

3. Replace Attic Insulation

Over time, the insulation in the attic settles reducing its usefulness. When the attic insulation stops working effectively, you lose energy efficiency in your home. This not only leads to higher energy bills, it also impacts the condition of the roof.

Like with gutter cleaning, you can DIY attic insulation replacement. You may also schedule professional attic insulation installation. The key is to maintain the correct volume of attic insulation to keep your home at the temperature you desire while protecting your roof from damage.

4. Trim Trees

Broken branches cause roof damage. Not only that, but trees hanging over the roof make it easy for animals to reach the roof and create nests. Falling leaves and other debris aren’t good for the roof either.

To avoid unwanted wear and tear or roof damage, trim back limbs and branches. During the summer months, you risk high winds and storms causing tree damage. But, in the winter the risk is even greater. Heavy snow and ice increase the chance of a branch breaking and requiring an emergency roof repair.

5. Schedule a Roof Inspection

Schedule a roof inspection for the best way to insure your roof is ready for winter. SKYYGUARD offers home roof inspections. One of our highly-trained roofing experts checks for damage and recommends the necessary repairs to keep your roof looking and working its best.

Contact SKYYGUARD Roofing to schedule your fall roof inspection. We prioritize customer service and top-quality results. We want you to feel confident that the repairs we recommend are the repairs you need! Check out our high customer ratings and positive reviews as proof that Denver homeowners trust SKYYGUARD Roofing.

Sean Chase
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