Differences between rhetorical and narrative essays

Kenny Carter

New to essays? Essays have been a part of human civilization for a long time. An exemplification essay has kept their importance intact over time. In ancient times, letters were written in this format to make them convincing and more engaging. Nowadays, they are used as part of the academia in the form of assignments and discussions, in every field of study. It is one of the few genres of study which have enjoyed fame throughout time. A certain level of originality can also be maintained while writing essays. This article will brief you about two of the most common types of essays which are used in academics and the basic differences between them.



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Rhetorical Essay

A rhetorical essay is a form of essay that aims to provide a deeper understanding of the topic and analyze the issue using rules of formal logic and then, arguing the said point of view using persuasive language.

In its essence, a rhetorical essay is like the philosophy of writing. It is more like writing about writing, talking about talking, etc. The power to convince and persuade people can bring about revolutions and one of the major purposes of a rhetorical essay is persuasion. 

A rhetorical essay is usually used in discussions related to soft sciences such as psychology, philosophy, and political science. Fields of knowledge that have room for personal opinion and interpretation are generally evaluated using rhetorical essays as the medium.

Narrative Essay

What happened? Where did it happen? How did it happen? What was the sequence of events leading up to the happenings? 

All of these questions, when answered in the tone of narration, constitute a narrative essay. A sense of curiosity is supposed to be developed with narrative essay writing. Such a style of writing is often very engaging and keeps the audience hooked. Generally, a first-person experience and explanation of an event are used as the tone of the narration. The general attitude that is considered in a narrative essay is that the narrator knows every detail of the event but only cares to reveal those which are of interest to the reader. Most scientific documentaries featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Morgan Freeman use this style of explanation.

Fields of knowledge that have story-telling like English Literature use narrative essays to gauge the writing abilities of an essay writer.  The benefit of hindsight is often used in writing a narrative essay i.e all of the events have passed and you are only writing about the series of events that have passed. A third-person narrative voice can also be used while narrating an essay i.e. the person who is narrating the essay is not part of the story but is looking inside the glass from the outside and is thus able to provide a certain amount of objectivity.



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Kenny Carter
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