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Best Time-Saving Analytics and Productivity Tools

Bobby clarke
Best Time-Saving Analytics and Productivity Tools

Analytics and productivity tools enable you to automate the recurring tasks and help you focus on important tasks. In this article, we will mention some of the best analytics and productivity tools you can use to make your lives better.


A calendar is a perfect scheduling tool that helps you to keep up with important tasks and meetings. Whenever you want to set a meeting with your potential client, instead of involving multiple threads, you can just block your calendar. A calendar is an exceptional tool for saving your time. All you need to do is just share your availability, and they can select a date and time accordingly. An event will be automatically added to your calendar, once the other participants choose a time. It also sends you a follow-up notification so you won’t forget your meetings. It also uses machine learning to save time and location settings, so you won’t have to add the same information repeatedly.




Zapier is a perfect tool to automate multiple workflows. Zapier connects your all applications and automates your repeated workflows. Some of the automation examples are:

  • Automatic post of WordPress blog post on Facebook 
  • Closely integrated with Google Calendar and send an SMS reminder for upcoming events

These small mundane tasks occupy a lot of our time unknowingly. Automating these tasks can give you a lot of time to focus on important and major tasks. You can integrate over 1000 apps with Zapier.


If you are handling a team, then Asana is a real lifesaver. Asana is a project management application that allows you to organize and manage your plans, projects, and processes while keeping your team on board. With Asana, you can automate various tasks like setting priorities, assigning tasks, and establishing deadlines. With Asana, you can check the progress of the task assigned, and it comes with a visual aid that shows how deadlines and tasks connect.


RescueTime is an amazing time management tool if you spend a lot of time on computers and laptops. RescueTime runs in the background of your PC and captures the amount of time you have spent on each app. With the help of this data, you can actively set your goals based on how much time you spent online. RescueTime also sends you a weekly report of your progress.


SaneBox is a great email and time management app that helps you in saving you a lot of time. Sending repetitive emails can eat up a lot of your time and hamper your productivity significantly. With SaneBox, you can manage your inbox in a better way. The app’s automation process makes sure that you only receive urgent emails that need your urgent attention. The rest of the emails will go to the SaneLater and SaneArchive folder, which you can access some other time.

Miracle TimeCube

Miracle TimeCube is a great and effective app to block out distractions so you can focus on your work. The app works on the Pomodoro Technique where you take a break for 5 minutes after working for 20 minutes, and you repeat this cycle four times. After completion of four times, you take a 20 min break. Using apps like MiracleCube can significantly increase your productivity.


These applications can significantly increase your productivity and help you to save a lot of time by automating the routine and mundane tasks. These apps help you improve focus on important tasks.

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Bobby clarke
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