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Makuang Makuang

Tuina massage is acknowledged as the oldest system of bodywork that was discovered as the ancient china method. The other Chinese bodywork branches of TCM are acupuncture, Qi gong, and Chinese herbal medicine. It mainly functions for the imbalance of Qi that is assumed as the vital life force as well as energy which is liable to block or induce imbalance in the symptom like pain and illness. With the help of massage, the flow of Qi gets stimulated to maintain balance and harmony in the body with the use of several acupuncture techniques. Howsoever, the process is quite similar to acupuncture because it specifically targets the acupoint but instead of a needle, fingers are used to stimulate the points. Here are the five major benefits of Tuina Massage listed below:

Boosts blood circulation:

The major function is to boost the blood circulation that helps stimulate the body’s energy flow. It has been proved that Yi Zhi chan tuina gets manipulated at BL 56 acupoint that is considered to be the best practice for improving the blood circulation. Manipulation for 10 minutes is sure to provide effective treatment that makes use of light or heavy force for a shorter time.  

Reduction in neck pain:

This massage is highly appreciated for providing relief to neck pain and other issues such as tension, tightness, and irritation. This is a cost-effective approach to cause a reduction in chronic neck pain. Patients who prefer to undergo six sessions of tuina massage within the tenure of three weeks that effectively help in the reduction of neck pain in comparison to the people who are not undergoing any treatment.

Relieve of low back pain:

This massage is one of the best recommended TCM massages in Singapore that is best to lower back pain and even provide the best result if considered into the combination of core exercise especially stability exercise plays a significant role. Howsoever, it has been researched out that patients who incorporated core exercise with the tuina massage got more relieves in patients who alone made use of the massage.  

Time to treat depression:

Healing of the entire body is essential for people undergoing the drawbacks of depression as the related cause can be mental or physical. Tuina massage induced the therapeutic effect that helps reduce the depression in comparison to conventional treatment. Howsoever, still, the researches are being conducted toward this finding.

Promoting healthier lactation:

This massage is beneficial in enhancing the postpartum lactation as this massage is done on the breast area to increase the production of lactation in comparison to conventional treatment. Furthermore, tuina massage opts to be the best procedure to delay the activity that could decrease the level of prolactin. This process is helpful for the new mother for the production of maximum milk to nourish their newborns. 

Treat osteoarthritis:

Tuina massage is considered to provide the therapeutic benefits that could ease out the symptom of osteoarthritis. It even provides effective results in improving the flexor tension and extensor muscles in the case of knee osteoarthritis. In the method, gun, an, na, and ca exercise is involved in the treatment. This treatment provides effective result if the patient execute the treatment three times a week within the 9 months tenure.

Tuina massage is a well-known healing process that provides numerous benefits and is applicable in forms of modalities. But, it is sure to provide the best result when combined with a healthier lifestyle and natural treatment. During the activity, the practitioner is going to encourage the patient for self-massage, stretches, and exercise so that the benefit could be enjoyed at the highest priority.

Makuang Makuang
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