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Best yoga institute for ladies in Bangalore

krishna wellness

Our belief is that Yoga is a way of life with inclusive of thoughts, food and one’s interaction with  environment and it doesn’t simply comprise of physical Asanas as perceived and how it applies to daily life so that you get the positive potential of better living as an individual and moreover as a society.

Especially for women yoga plays a very crucial role in both physically and mentally. Menopause is a natural phase where, It is an end to a woman’s period cycle. This period can be quite devitalizing for the woman. Around 21% women are believed to face severe menopausal symptoms, while 58% suffer mild symptoms and the remaining 21% have almost zero symptoms. Since, physiology of every woman is different; some reach their menopause in late 30s or early 40s, while some don’t until their 70s. On an average most women will get their menopause in-between the age of 44 to 54.

The relaxation exercised in yoga can lessen persistent frozen shoulder pain, headaches and lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis,cervical and vertigo symptoms to name a few ailments.

  1. Daily Yoga Classes:Is a fitness class which helps increase flexibility, strengthen and tones your muscles, improves circulatory health, promotes deeper breathing patterns and makes you to stand outemotionally and spiritually.No wonder so many people are thronging to their nearest yoga studio, where Highly Experienced Teachers suggest a Method that is based on your physical fitness and requirements;
  • Physical Ability - Any Aches and Pains, Weakness, Health issues etc.,
  • Mental Ability - Anxiety or StressDepression,
  • Emotional Ability - Coping up with Pressure, Family and Work-Related Issues, etc.

Yoga practice helps with healing up of individual who has undergone any surgery or illnessfaster with an positive attitude.

  1. Exclusive Ladies Batch: As we acknowledge that ladies would like to exercise their daily Yoga comfortably. And so here we are a special exclusive ladies only batch at Sri Krishna Wellness Yoga Centre.With all you need:
  • Class begins with Om-kara chanting.
  • Improvement in health and well being
  • Weight management and Increases overall energy levels
  • Helps in stress management
  • Respiratory system related movements which involve forward, backward bends & lateral stretches completely
  • Asana practice with individual attention like Surya Namaskara and Vinyasa Yoga Flows


  1. Pranayama & Meditation:Everyone agree on one thing that a professional and experienced yoga teacher can help in deriving these benefits at a much faster pace than trying to learn yoga individually.Pranayama, as the name itself says is a “regulation of breath”, it is the vehicle of absorbing the“vital force” that sustains the functioning of the human body.


  1. AntiGravityClasses:This is a total body &mind workout which is invented by “Aerial” performer “Christopher Harrison”; a former Gymnast and Broadway Choreographer. This fitness Mantra is used by, from Hollywood to Bollywood celebs, athletesgym-lovers & yoga buffs, all are head over heels about this art form of movements.

Benefits Of Antigravity Fitness:

  • Decompress tight joints.
  • Core strengthening and lengthening.
  • Low impact cardio-vascular conditioning.
  • Increased muscular strength & flexibility.
  • Perform advanced yoga
  • Inversions without neck or back compression.
  • Releases "happy hormones" i.e. serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine.
  • The neuroplasticity of the brain (one's ability to learn) increases.
  • Muscular tension release through self-massage techniques.
  • Stretch further with less strain.
  • Fine-tuning balance & increased proprioception.
  • Increased kinaesthetic awareness.
  • Relieve pressure while aligning the vertebrae.
  1. Personalised Classes: Those who prefer for the personal attention with our senior teachers with specific dates and timings at our unique and beautiful Centre they can get. Backpackers who come to Bangalore on a holiday for a week, 10 days or 2 weeks and can experience authentic classical Yoga customised just for you.

Most importantly, teachers will teach you, and give you your own personal practice schedule for your personal practice when you return to your home.

Come on! Experience and learn the yoga from the Best yoga school in Bangalore.

krishna wellness
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