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High-Rise Apartment Living in Byculla – Here Is What You Need to Know

Jason Cohen
High-Rise Apartment Living in Byculla – Here Is What You Need to Know

Byculla has become the hotspot for residential developments. If you set out to find a residence, you will have available numerous flats for sale in Byculla Mumbai. These multistory residential projects are playing a key role in developing urban landscapes.

If you plan to buy or rent a flat in Byculla, you would find this article helpful in deciding if living in a high-rise apartment building is for you or not:

Living in a High-Rise Apartment Building

The Pros

Here are the pros of living in a high-rise apartment building:

Living in a Central Location

One of the main benefits of living in a high-rise apartment is the location. The goal of building tall buildings in a metropolitan area is to curb urban sprawl. That’s why you would find most high-rise apartment buildings within or near the city centers. It is easier to get to places and commute when you live in a central location.

Latest Facilities & Amenities

Nowadays, it is a common trend for building and new developments to come with all sorts of latest amenities and facilities. These include covered car parking, high-speed elevators, power backup. And along with basic amenities, you would have activity areas such as the gym, spa, and swimming pool. All of these add to the appeal of these developments.

Picturesque Panoramic Views

Living in a high-rise lets you enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding. You can enjoy stunning views all over your room or living room window. You can gaze at the city’s skyline from your home as most of the apartments come with spacious balconies and large windows.

Moreover, if you have a property facing a park or greenery, you can soothe your eyes with the lush green views when you wake up.


As said earlier, high-apartments offer 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance for security purposes. Vertical residential projects are considered one of the safest residential setups since they come up with robust security systems. Along with that, guards stand at the gated entries and well-lit surroundings. Security is one of the key factors people look for when looking to live in these high-rise buildings with families.

The Cons

Now, let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks. These are not disadvantages, really. Rather, they have more to do with personal preference.

Crowded Streets

Normally, high-rise buildings are located right in the middle of the city. So, you may have to deal with traffic jams and crowded streets on a daily basis. High-rise apartments are usually built-in commercial hubs of the cities. So, you would have to get used to the idea of a hectic commute and getting stuck in traffic jams.

However, at the same time, the central location makes it easier for you to get to places within the city.


This is not for all high-rise buildings. Although dampness and seepage is a common issue with apartments, the new developments are built ensuring excellent quality. Developers today make sure that they keep these issues in mind and address them on time.

Along with these, there are other issues like damaged electrical wiring or malfunctioning elevators. Since these apartments house a large number of residential units, tracking such problems becomes a bit problematic.

Noisy Neighborhood

When you live in an apartment building, you become part of a residential community.  Multiple apartments are located on a single floor, the entrances and corridors are shared. So, if you are not used to a noisy environment, and want to live in peace and quiet, high rise apartments might not be for you.

Safety Hazards

Whenever one is renting or buying a home, safety is one of the key considerations. Fire and electricity hazards are quite common in high-rise apartments. See that the 2 BHK flats in South Mumbai you are planning to move in have emergency exits and proper maintenance of fire extinguishing systems.

All in all, living in a high-rise apartment is pretty great. From facilities to scenic views and enjoying a central location in the city, you get all. However, as far as the few drawbacks mentioned above, the advantages certainly surpass them as most high-rise apartments offer the latest amenities and comforts of a luxurious life. They are bound to impact your lifestyle, ensuring an excellent living experience.

Jason Cohen
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