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For years, millions of Salesforce users have taken advantage of operational dashboards and reports to quickly research their data, evaluate performance, and communicate results.

However, the sheer amount of customer data at the head of the organization does not make things easy.

To address these challenges, Salesforce introduced Einstein Analytics for B2B marketing during Dreamforce ’19.

What Is Salesforce Einstein Analytics for B2B marketing?

B2B Marketing Analytics is an Einstein Analytics application created for the B2B marketer.

It contains data from Salesforce and Pardot, populated through its existing Salesforce connector.

Consolidate marketing and sales data in one place, providing customers with customized and ready-to-use panels to instantly view and report metrics, share knowledge with teams, and perform data-based actions to maximize marketing and sales efforts.

Einstein Analytics utilizes advanced analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Using Einstein Analytics, success-driven organizations can provide invaluable insights with just a few clicks to empower their service agents, analysts, marketers, and sales reps to make every interaction smarter without getting into the complexities.

Why Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics allows users to accelerate sales, improve customer service, and optimize their marketing campaigns.

Einstein learns from the available data and provides predictions and recommendations based on business processes and circumstances unique to the business.

Therefore, sales representatives, agents, analysts, and marketing specialists obtain the information they need to make each interaction with the customer more intelligent.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics takes its place in the Salesforce and Salesforce customer ecosystem with the highly efficient Salesforce Einstein Analytics Apps.

They are pre-configured with the main performance indicators (KPIs) specific to the function.

The data-based Sales Analytics app, for example, facilitates the collaboration of sales managers and representatives, managing forecasts, channels and performance from anywhere, anytime.

The Service Analytics application provides call center managers with the information they need to achieve customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and channel optimization.

The B2B Marketing Analytics app provides data-based marketing experts with information on channeling, engagement and campaign performance.

How does the Salesforce Einstein aid the B2B businesses?

Let’s discover how Einstein Analytics can assist organizations towards the path of success by remarkably increasing opportunities, leads, and profits.


Managers can efficiently monitor the overall pipeline and compare actual performance with predefined goals throughout the sales period.

In addition, they can promptly drill down on individual performances for internal organizational purposes.

Pipeline Management

The trump card in the hands of Einstein Analytics is understanding the changes in your opportunity pipeline in real-time.

Einstein Analytics helps you assess trends in opportunity categories so that growth can be noticed and an actionable list of opportunities to work on can be created.


Forecasting helps managers approach accurate sales and revenue.

Forecasting dashboards can be utilized by sales managers to plan for the sales period or upcoming quarter and know exactly when to expect deals to close.

Whitespace Analysis

Salesforce Einstein Analytics helps sales representatives focus their energy on the right deals by performing Whitespace Analysis.

It can be used to identify products that have been sold to accounts and opportunities can thereafter be created on the specific requirements of that account.

The best thing about Salesforce Einstein is that it can quickly and seamlessly adjust its forecasts and predictions if there is a sudden shift in the competitive landscape.

In short, sales teams powered by Salesforce Einstein always stay ahead of the curve to help keep their organization relevant and profitable in the short as well as the long run.

Salesforce einstein analytics enables the B2B marketing team to:

  • Harmonize Sales and Marketing: Einstein insights update sales executives of all potential prospects and help them with engagement strategies. With Salesforce Engage, customizing marketing content, reaching out to prospective leads, and keeping tabs on effectiveness are all
  • Identify the Correct Accounts: With Einstein lead scoring, one can automatically get to know which accounts are more likely to get converted based on certain factors like past purchases, relationship history, etc. It allows marketers to advertise and market to the new “lookalike” prospects by identification of audiences with the same profile, looking at the online behaviors from the existing CRM database.
  • Revise and Optimize Marketing Campaigns: Einstein insights take you through which campaigns can perform best and why. Businesses can now identify the required attributes of marketing campaigns that have the best potential to drive sales for required accounts with new Multi-Touch Campaign Insights.

Being the only comprehensive AI for CRM, Salesforce Einstein allows businesses to be more educated, smarter in knowing their customers.

So without worrying about anything, one can reap the benefits of amazing technology.

Source: Salesforce Einstein Analytics for B2B marketing

lee carl
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