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Central Park Puppies

If you are looking for a herding breed that is a loyal companion, look no further than the Australian Shepherd. This popular breed weighs in at around 35 to 65 pounds and stands as tall as 23 inches at the shoulder. Australian Shepherds love nothing more than to be with their person, to the point of being both a working dog and a lap dog all rolled into one.

Australian Shepherds tend to their people just as attentively as they would a herd that they are charged with protecting. Bred for intelligence and adaptability, this breed is quick and can easily be taught basic training skills or more intricate commands. With all of that mental and physical energy, be prepared to keep your Australian Shepherd busy with fun and interesting activities. Herding tasks, obedience training, agility activities, and different games will be needed to keep your pup happy and healthy.

Australian Shepherds are among the smartest of all of the dog breeds, and can easily outsmart their owners if they are in need of attention. If Australian Shepherds are left to their own devices for hours on end, this is not a pup to be left in yard days and evenings without company and attention.

This breed can become destructive and escape artists if they become bored, but with the right amount of love, attention, and mental and physical stimulation Australian Shepherds are calm, loving, loyal, and well-behaved companions.

With that playfulness in mind, it is important to note that these pups can sometimes nip at children’s feet as they play, which is a skill used in herding animals. A well trained and loved Australian Shepherd should have no trouble fitting well into any family.

As long as you interact with your Australian Shepherd with mental and physical exercise, they can thrive in any living situation. From apartment dwelling to countryside estates, these pups only require adequate time for exercising.


*           Australian Shepherds are great with children

*           Best when kept active and learning

*           Make excellent exercise and adventure partners

CHARACTERISTICS CHART (1 lowest- 5 highest)

Apartment Living                  3

Tolerates Being Alone        1

Child Friendly                       5

Dog Friendly                         3

Grooming Needs                  3

Shedding                              3

Size                                        4

General Health                     5

Trainability                            5

Prey Drive                             3

Barking                                  5

Exercise Needs                    5

Energy Level                         5

Playfulness                           5


Bringing home a happy and healthy Australian Shepherd puppy is of utmost importance to ensure a positive experience. Central Park Puppies takes pride in providing clients with the highest quality of standards with our in-depth breeder background checks and expert veterinarian evaluations of all of our puppies. We are dedicated to working with clients in finding their perfect puppy match through our transparent services and expert knowledge of breeds.

Central Park Puppies
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