Brick walls truly signify the luxury, warmth and elegance of the home. But with times, they start becoming the visual scar on the house (if you overlook their maintenance for a longer time).  So, if you are noticing some obnoxious changes on your brick walls, then it is the right time to take some strict actions. One of the most compelling and acceptable ways of keeping your house’s bricks fresh is to paint them.

But remember, not everyone can paint brick walls like a pro. So, it is always preferable to look for “Brick House Painters near Me to bring accuracy and precision in work. Secondly, professional painters use the latest tools and equipment for prompt completion of work.

As we mentioned earlier bricks are timeless décor, but it doesn’t mean that they remain chic forever. Bricks require a proper facelift and paint job. Indeed, you might be considering some essential tips before painting bricks.

Don’t worry; the present discussion emphasizes these essential tips everyone should know before breaking out the paintbrushes and rollers.

Tips for Painting Your Home’s Exterior Bricks like a Pro

Follow these tips if you want perfect paint on the bricks.

  • Preparation

It is one of the most important steps as it plays a significant role in assuring that you have done brick painting precisely. So, before you start painting, it is strongly recommended to clean the bricks properly. You can prepare a mixture using soapy water or any other detergent. If your brick isn’t much filthy and grimy then using a hose, a good quality brush and soapy mixture are quite enough to clean the brick in no time.

Sometimes cleaning isn’t enough to make the brick walls dirt-free. Usually, you need to fill in the cracks to repaint the brick wall flawlessly. For this, you can use acrylic caulk to fill in the cracks. Don’t start painting soon after filling-in the cracks as walls need a proper time to try ultimately.

Now, the next important step is to properly cover-up the doors and windows with plastic cover. You can also use painter’s tape to wrap everything thing.

Additionally, it is also vital to confiscate the old paint as repainting the damaged brick walls doesn’t give a good impression. The professional painters know how to scrap and remove the old paint without further damaging the wall.

Remember, overlooking this ‘Preparation’ step may result in tarnishing overall brick-wall painting. So take-out proper time and follow all these preparation steps accurately.

  • Use Premium Quality Material and Tools

Quality of work is closely associated with the quality of a person’s skills’. That’s why; we strongly recommend you to choose a professional painting company that uses the latest tools and material for painting. So, the selected company should use the best material to make the painting job smoother and more comfortable. Generally, roller and sprayer make painting job easier as they cover a larger area in a single flow.

However, it is always preferable to use a sprayer as it paints the brick wall in half time.

The crannies and nooks of the bricks also need to cover appropriately. That why; make sure that painter covers all these areas correctly. So; before you choose any of the paint company, properly check tools, equipment and material company uses. Company’s reviews and prior experience also helps in analysing skills and expertise of the company.

It is also essential to use top-quality paint for your brick walls. You can use latex paint or mineral-based paint as both of them are ideal for masonry. Though both of these paint-types assure satisfactory results, minor-based paint is better due to its longevity and durability.

  • Start Painting According to Weather Condition

Indeed, you already know that it is necessary to consider the weather before you start painting. Extreme weather, including scorching hot or freezing weather, isn’t a suitable time to start painting your house’s brick walls. Similarly, don’t paint in the rainy and windy weather as the brick painting requires proper time to dry properly.

So, it is recommended to check the weather forecast before hiring the professional painting team. The agreeable working condition and lovely weather make it easier to paint brick wall contentedly. This way; paint adheres to the surface finely.

Bottom Line

Generally, people think that they can paint brick walls on their own, but the fact is only professional painters know how to paint brick walls like a pro. So, we strongly recommend you to prefer professional brick painting services if you want to keep your house’s bricks durable for a longer time.

You can use online sources to find professional painters in your region or near to your locality. This way; you can check their customer’s reviews and rating too. So, make the best use of your valuable money and opt for the most competent painters.

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