Holiday Special - PSW Offers Free Gifts on Purchasing Salt Blocks and Tiles’ Bundles

Sasha Chris

Pink Salt Wall (PSW) has recently announced grand ‘holiday special’ discount packages on salt blocks and salt tiles along with free exciting gifts. No doubt, it is famous for offering great discount packages on monthly basis but this time it has broken some major records by doubling the offer. It’s simply because Pink Salt Wall cares for its valued customers and got to treat them a little extra in the pandemic days. The free exciting gifts include different types of salt lamps, illuminating baskets, salt ducky and salt glue/adhesive.

Following are the grand packages that Pink Salt Wall has been offering in order to show its ultimate support and care in the pandemic days.

  • Get free Salt Ducky on buying bundle of 15 salt blocks
  • Get free 2 Cross and 1 Round Salt Lamps on buying bundle of 30 salt tiles
  • Get Free Rock Salt Lamp on buying bundle of 36 salt blocks
  • Get free Salt Lamps + Baskets + Salt adhesive on buying pack of 50 salt tiles
  • Get free Salt Lamp + Salt Adhesive on buying bundle of 60 salt blocks
  • Get free 3 Salt Lamps + Salt Adhesive on buying pack of 100 salt tiles

Pink Salt Wall is the hub of pure Himalayan pink salt products which has been working for the past few years with a vision to introduce purest Himalayan salt products full of health benefits. It’s one of the main products include Himalayan salt blocks. For the very reason, there is an exclusive section of deals and bundles on the official website of the Pink Salt Wall which is comprised of various discounted bundles/packages of salt blocks. For example a bundle of 100 salt blocks are cheaper as compared to 100 separate salt blocks. There are quite a number of versatile discounted bundles on the website, which are proved to be very beneficial when it comes to construction work.

 Himalayan salt blocks or salt tiles are used in a wide range of fancy yet healthy construction work. They are used in the construction of gym walls, yoga spaces, therapy rooms, speleotherapy cabins and etc. They are also used at the entrances to give the fancy look and fireplaces as they give warm illuminated effect. However, most importantly, they are used to the exclusive therapeutic Salt Rooms. They are available in numerous shapes such as polygonal shapes 3 side’s equal triangle, 4 side’s Equal rectangle, 4 side’s Equal Square, 5 side’s equal pentagon, 6 side’s equal hexagon.  

Other Himalayan salt products which are given as free gifts - salt lamp, salt adhesive and salt ducky are also one of the best-selling salt products. Salt lamp is famous all over the world for its countless health benefits and stunning glow. Salt adhesive is used to join salt blocks without creating any mess for various healthy yet sustainable construction purposes. Salt Ducky is a heart shaped salt artifact which is proved to be a perfect present on special occasions.

Visit Pink Salt Wall’s official website and take full advantage of the grand offers before they run out. Happy Holidays!

Sasha Chris
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