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Android users, it's time to stay safe from ‘EventBot’ malware

DLF Ultima
Android users, it's time to stay safe from ‘EventBot’ malware

Threats and malware keep on taking new forms and shapes. Scammers devise new ways to gain access to our personal and financial data and if you are using smart devices that is quite obvious that you have higher risks of getting affected. Recently, a new malware named EventBot has started to grow its roots in Android devices.

Therefore, if you are an Android device user, then it's high time for you to take your security to the next level. In recent researches, it was found out that this malware can steal your personal data by hacking into your PayPal or other such banking apps.

Not only this, but this malware can also hack into your crypto currency wallet leading to huge financial loss. So, if you want all the information about this malware, you should continue reading this post further.


What is EventBot and how does it work?(Norton.com/setup)

EventBot is another malware that is created by highly skilled scammers. This malware is hard to find and harder to get rid of. The malware is known to be downloaded on a user’s device along with some other programs. It is reported that it gets downloaded when a user tries to download Microsoft Word and Adobe Flash player. On top of that, it also gets downloaded with other such apps that you download via unauthorized means.

When you give permissions to the app or program you have actually downloaded, the fake or illegal program also gets access to your device's location, contacts, financial details, system control access, read network, send or read SMS, and so on. As soon as you allow such permissions, the malware starts its mechanism. It starts to read the data of other apps especially banking apps.

Other than this, it can read the PIN of your device as well as the password you have set on your apps. The overall data is then collected and sent to a remote server. The malware then gets passed off the two-factor authentication setup which ultimately allows them to have a sneak peek into your wallet.

The malware is, however, affecting the Android devices of the residents of the USA and Europe, but it can soon enter the devices of other countries as well.


Security recommendations to stay protected from EventBot

After knowing the working mechanism of this malware, it is essential to learn how to stay alarmed if one wishes to safeguard his Android device:

  • The first and foremost thing a user should do is never download an app from any platform other than Android Play Store.
  • Since this malware could not make its way to the Play Store, therefore, you should not choose any platform including trusted social media websites for downloading the app.
  • Make sure to always update the operating system of your Android device.
  • Ensure to enable the Google Play Protect feature so that you get an alert about the suspicious apps.
  • Prefer to analyze an app critically before you download it and do not forget to read its reviews.
  • You can also check the APK signature of every app before downloading it.
  • Download Norton Mobile Security which has mobile threat detection features by navigating to com/setup
  • Discuss the potential risks and malware risks from other apps with the elders and children of your family.

When in doubt, get help from cyber security experts by discussing with them your problems. If you come across any such application, link, or programs, do not forget to report it to the concerned authorities. They will take the appropriate action against such activities.

DLF Ultima
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