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How to outsource mobile app development?

Khoi Phan
How to outsource mobile app development?

You are thinking about mobile development outsourcing – hiring the third company to handle your mobile application development services – you will be joining countless companies around the world who have found it sensible and cost effective to outsource.

Outsourcing also lets businesses gain access to highly skilled employees from whom in house employees may learn about new information and best practices.

Mobile application services include creating or developing programs for applications (also called apps) on handheld or mobile devices. Handheld devices include mobile or cellular phones, enterprise digital assistants, and personal digital assistants.

The programs or software for the mobile apps is installed during the manufacturing process. These apps may also be downloaded from mobile app distribution platforms on to the handheld device, and they may also be accessed as web programs delivered using HTTP.

Services for the development of mobile apps are becoming increasingly important for thousands of businesses. That’s because these apps or software for hand held and mobile devices can lead to more opportunities for increased revenues and productivity. Enterprises can also achieve more exposure and be introduced to new markets and new clients.

Mobile development outsourcing or in the house – is a flourishing industry these days because mobile or handheld devices have become very popular and are used by millions of people. And these devices are not only being used for as a way to entertain but also to do business and earn money.

The huge number of people using hand held devices means that there is also a huge demand for a wide variety of applications and for customizing mobile devices. Handheld apps that are being used for business include those that keep track of time, those that help employees communicate remotely with each other and with those in the office.

And the fact that technology is moving at such at the rapid pace that these hand held devices seem to be getting more high tech by the minute means more opportunities for revenues – this device, for example, have become so sophisticated that they can accommodate more applications as well as more complex commands and programs.

To make the most of these kinds of services for mobile applications, you should assess to find out exactly the kinds of custom mobile applications that your company needs. Programs that are typically well suited for businesses are those that contribute to a more efficient workplace, helps employees save time and create better and easier ways to get the job done. You should also think of applications that are functional aside from attractive; these are programs that carry helpful and sensible features.

If you are going to go for mobile development outsourcing, you need to make sure that you are hiring an excellent service provider. Compare the services, skills, and fees of several vendors and sign up the service provider that can best meet your company’s requirements.
Mobile app outsourcing is a job contract awarded by a contracting party from a country to a company having a team of human resource with a definite skill set sitting in another country. On completion of the proposed job, the software is shipped to the client’s organization.

Thus offshore mobile app development has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. Offshore outsourcing provides the ability to hold skilled overseas staff at a small part of the human resource cost which is relating to several entrepreneurs.

So the key to success of an offshore mobile app development center is the smooth flow of communication between the offshore vendor and the onshore client. The continuous constructive dialogue between the two sides is not limited to verbal communication but is aggressively pursued in writing, meetings, and conferences. So the local presence of the offshore vendor can be a huge advantage for the client though it might cost the client more.

The client should be very careful about the project budget. The Proper budget forecast includes vendor rates, risk involvement, the scope of change in the project specification and vendor resource matrix. The financial terms should also be decided and agreed upon beforehand. Both the parties should maintain adequate transparency to achieve successful completion of the work.

Further, offshore mobile app development requires a methodology quite different from local development. For example, an onsite development team can resolve critical issues by meeting in a conference room. When teams are diverse, you have to create a process that automatically keeps everyone in the loop.

So many companies are gradually setting up their offshore mobile app development centers. Though it is not always a feasible solution to small or medium enterprises. They can consider the option is of taking a stake (in the form of equity partnership or acquisition or merger) in an existing offshore company with an impressive employee retention rate and a stellar track record, ensuring quality management and a loyal workforce.

Provided you adhere to process and ensure accurate and prompt completion of projects, there is a significant saving from moving work offshore. The hardest part to quantify is the ability to get something done quickly and getting it to market ahead of your competition. For others with the time to learn the culture and establish relationships, the need to have at their bidding a full-fledged offshore team, and the money to invest, starting their offshore center makes sense.

Software outsourcing has challenged companies to think beyond the norms of a traditional, vertically integrated organizational structure, paving the way for a more flexible organizational set-up. It has indeed become the most sought-after solution by both small and medium enterprises, as well as, leading industry players. An ultimate means to delegate software projects to an expert offshore service provider, this arrangement allows organizations to focus on their core competencies.

Organizations offering such services provide their clients with custom-made applications across the stages of software development life-cycle. Apart from software development, organizations offering offshoring services work with their clients to offer varied services ranging from preparing internal proposals, budgeting, to project approvals, delivery, maintenance and quality support.

Such an arrangement is indeed a win-win situation for both the parties as they share the risks along with inherent benefits. However, selecting the right partner is vital to the success of any business undertaking, as high operational efficiency and productivity are ensured via significant cost cutting.

Benefits that make app development outsourcing a good solution:

Reduced Costs

It has turned out to be a cost-effective solution as great savings could be made on training and recruitment of in-house resources.

Access to Skilled Resources
Businesses get access to skilled resources which are already equipped with latest tools and technologies.

Focus on Core Competencies
This arrangement allows organizations to focus on their core business competencies, leaving the technical aspects to outsourced experts.

Maximizing Efficiency

Maximum operational efficiency is ensured as partner firms have state-of-the art infrastructure facilities for ensuring successful completion of a project.

High-Quality Services

By delegating your work to skilled offshore resources, high-quality services could be achieved within the shortest possible time duration.

First, research the background and work history of the service provided to get an idea about their competencies and expertise. Review the proposal provided to you thoroughly to understand their stand in the industry. Finally, make sure that the lines of communications between you and your partner firm are working properly. With all these things in place, you are sure to enjoy a long-term relationship with your partner.

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