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Helix Piercings Look Subtle yet Chic

Jewellery heaven
Helix Piercings Look Subtle yet Chic

Ear Piercings Are Always Trendy

Body piercings are not new, but they are certainly becoming more and more popular with each passing day. While nose and ear piercings are common in several cultures, tongue and lip piercing too are relatively widespread. For a lot of people body piercing is a way of expressing their individuality and personality.

In the case of ear piercings, gone are the days of one piercing in each ear; now it is all about layering and arranging your ear piercings in unique ways.

Helix Piercing Jewelry is Eye Catching

Helix piercings are probably the best looking and unique ear piercings. You can either opt for a single helix piercing or multiple ones. They instantly get a cool factor with them. Your helix piercing jewelry can be sophisticated looking or straight forward hippie-like.

When looking for a Helix earring online, you have several options to choose from such as a straight barbell, curved barbell, circular barbells, studs, hoops, cuffs, and more. Each option has its own look and advantages. Most people find curved and circular styles more comfortable than others. A curved barbell looks like a hoop, the difference being that it has an opening and, barbells have rounded tips that are comfortable to wear.

Studs and barbells are prevalent jewelry options of Helix piercings. You can also opt for hoops as they can be worn in many ways. If you opt for a hoop, you will have to consider the gauges and the various sizes they come in. Not just the style, choosing the right material is also very important to avoid allergies, irritation and infection.  

Innovative and Cool Hinged Segment Rings and Horseshoe Bars

While looking for body jewelry, you can buy a versatile piece of jewelry that is a hinged segment ring, which you can use for different kinds of piercings such as helix, ears, nose, lips and more. They are a great alternative for regular segment rings and are also very comfortable. They have made changing jewelry easy and are available in a bunch of different styles and cool designs.

Several people like to sport a Horseshoe bar for Lip and Nose piercings, which are available in several finishes and colors.

Choose Body Jewelry that Suits you Perfectly

Like everything else, you can buy body jewelry also comfortably online. Some factors that you will have to keep in mind are the thickness of the piercing as a small gauge can cause rejection, whereas a big one can stretch your piercing. So, choose jewelry that has the same gauge as the piercing needle used to pierce you.

Like the gauge, consider the jewelry size as well so that it is comfortable and does not pose snag risk. It is very important to choose the right quality material so that you don’t have to experience any allergies etc. When checking out body jewelry online, check out several websites and compare prices, quality and styles to choose the ideal pieces for you.

Piercing World has a huge collection of high quality as well as reasonably priced body jewelry for your piercings.

Jewellery heaven
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