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5 Successful Marketing Strategies for Artists

Emma Willson
5 Successful Marketing Strategies for Artists



It is no doubt that most artists these days lack the skills and techniques required for closing the sale. This is why most of them, especially the new entrants into this career, quit early. There are many more who understand the trick of the game and play by the rules, employing various strategies, and their sales keep growing by the day.

As an artist, either upcoming or budding, you need to take charge of your art career now, more than ever. Artists of the new method should be savvy business persons, creative and talented producers of their craft. In this article, you will learn about various marketing strategies that you can use to watch your sales grow and develop your brand.


1. Social Networking


There are many social media sites and many more mushrooming by the day. These sites make ideal platforms for art marketing because there, you can build contacts, promote your brand, and announce events. You, therefore, need to be active on social media. Successful artists can attest to having interacted with tons of people from across the world that they had never met were it not for these platforms.

You can also showcase your artwork to the rest of the world. The better known social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It would help if you stick with the most popular of all that has your target niche market.


2. Crafting Your Story Identifying Your Customers’ Needs

Every artist is out there to sell more of their work. For you to achieve this, you should be able to speak powerfully and clearly about your work. Tell your audience about your concept, about your story, and tell them why that matters. Tell them that one thing that is compelling and is unique about your art. Let them know how that translates into something exquisite for them. Check out uggscanadaugg.ca.

It is imperative to create your sales talk in advance. Write your story concisely and pull out interesting facts about your journey. Ensure that you identify the needs of your customers. Let your message appeal to your customers emotionally.

A good message needs to focus on building the value of your career. Buyers do not buy manufactured and impersonal work. They want to make a special purchase right, and directly from you - the artist. Therefore, there is a need to communicate value in your signage, marketing materials through your display and the way you communicate verbally. Check out bridge-global.


3. Create a Blog Or Website

Blogs and websites are a major medium for branding. Unlike in the past, when websites were thought to be something one did along with their advertising. Today, it is the link that you need between you and the public.

Today, the lines between television and the internet are quickly fading daily. It is important to have a blog or site for your branding and marketing.

Blogging is indeed a surefire way of driving the attention of your clients to your works. Therefore it pays if you can write about various issues that artists face in their day to day lives.

Let your customers know about the latest developments in the industry. It is imperative also if your blog content focuses on fellow artists and buyers and not only about you. Ensure you offer solutions to what’s aching in the community on your website or blog.


4. Online Press Releases

Press releases offer artists a way to promote their openings, events, and promotions. Most websites for press releases have backlinks to the artist’s blogs or sites. They also have a biography section.

Do not be afraid to join one as the press release sites offer guides on writing a good one. A good press release is quickly picked by search engines and thus making press releases the utmost source for your brand.


5. Stay Current and Be Part of Online Forums


It always pays off to be abreast with the latest marketing technology for artists and the latest issues affecting the art industry. You not only need to be aware of these challenges but also available ways to arrest them. In terms of marketing technology, you need to be abreast with the most effective ways of using video streaming and social media marketing to promote your work.


There is a need to take part in as many as possible online forums where people come to discuss issues and come up or share solutions. There are many art-related forums to join. Choose the ones which are dedicated to your area of interest. While there, project yourself as an expert. You will achieve this by making thoughtful comments and frequently providing solutions to members.


To Sum Up

These are not the only marketing strategies you can use when you are an artist. There is much more; however, these are surefire ones to utilize in 2021. The art business is a billion-dollar business or any other lucrative 8 to 5 work, only when you perform it wisely using the above marketing tips.


Emma Willson
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