Feng Shui Front Door Color Meaning [Turquoise | Red | Green] In Feng Shui For Prosperity


Have you ever wondered What Turquoise Front Door Meaning is? Yes, every color has some meaning and impact, especially when used for our front door. The turquoise front door symbolizes trust and calmness and is a blend of green and blue colors. According to Feng Shui, Turquoise colors are good choices to bring emotional balance, dreams, hopes, and believes that nothing is impossible.

Now let talk in detail about how good color choices for your front door can bring luck and prosperity to your home. We are going to understand things.

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Some facts about selecting the color for interiors and exteriors

Some people choose the colors and have hopes the front door will bring positive energy to their house. Here are some facts about the colors used for various purposes.

  • Paint colors for windows and doors are thought to determine good luck
  • Turquoise colors are best for interior designs with green-blue houses.
  • Navy blue front doors, black or grey is suitable for exterior door colors for white house.
  • Red and green painting on front is best to combine with white houses.
  • A curb painted blue means that the parking is only for the disabled.
  • Porch light color meanings are different according to the occasions, such as red porch light represents Halloween or Valentine’s Day.



How Front Door Colors Impact You?

Front door colors have a remarkable impact on the look of your house. It brightens your entrance and gives the first impression on the guests who come in.

Because the color you choose will reflect a lot about you. You can enhance the entrance to your home with some easy ways.

Front Door Entrance Ideas

The front door is the first impression of your house, so you need to ensure that it looks the best and gives a more inviting appearance adding a contemporary flair to your home.

Front door entrance ideas and tips

  • Black Dutch front door with the top half of glass panels will welcome natural light into your house whether the door is open or closed
  • Eye-catching modern metal house number planters that are lush succulent will give your front door a unique display.
  • The bold and bright color of the front door contrasting to your house color will revamp the front entrance.
  • Colorful step tiles and stylish outdoor lighting will add an attractive decorative feature to your entry.
  • The stoned walkway will add character and texture to your front yard.
  • Weather-resistant furniture will create a cozy spot to relax outdoors.  

How To Choose The Front Door Color?

The right color of the front door curb appeal and your home will look welcoming. You can make your home look distinctive and attractive by choosing the right front door color.

Here are some tips when you need to decide:

  • Choose the front door color according to your home’s style. Traditional homes can have rich, deep-colored frond doors while contemporary ones can go for bold-colored front doors. 
  • Choosing the right color influenced by the surroundings and exterior features will give your home an excellent style.
  • Use eye-catching deep and light colors than medium shaded. Light-colored front doors look best with the dark-colored exteriors.
  • Good contrasts like navy blue with black and grey or blue; or burgundy with green or grey can look welcoming and happy. 

Front Door Color Meaning And Tips

The color of the front door reflects the person’s personality and lifestyle. Choosing the right color will help to make an impressive statement. Below mentioned entry doorway ideas will guide you what choice of color say about your home and you.

#1 Turquoise Front Door Meaning

Turquoise front door meaning is linked to trust and calmness. It is a cheerful and fresh color for a North-facing door with excellent Feng Shui energy. Choose the Fire Feng Shui element or the design in a diamond shape to activate power to your door. 

#2 Red Front Door Meaning

Red entrance doors are one of the most common colors used for front doors facing south. The red front door meaning is “welcome” in American tradition.

If the front door is facing southwest or south direction, homes with red doors will bring good luck to you. Bright red color reflects your vibrant and exciting personality.

While dark red front doors say that you are inviting and warm. Burgundy or Benjamin Moore red door is the best red for the front door. 

Red color gives a classic look when used for front door colors for gray house with black shutters.

#3 Purple Front Door Meaning

Purple front door meaning is associated with spirituality, reflecting that you are a risk-taker or open-minded. It also gives vibes of prosperity, wealth, and provides a feel like royalty.

It is not a commonly used color for front doors but is a suitable color for front doors facing east.

#4 Teal Front Door Meaning

It is a blend of green and blue color, combining both colors’ renewal and calming properties. Teal is a rejuvenating and revitalizing color, representing the clarity of thoughts and open communication.Teal is a symbolic infinity of the sky and the sea for Tibetan monks; and faith and truth for the Egyptians. The teal front door is perfect if you want a traditional front door for your house.

It helps in boosting emotional healing and symbolizes creativity. Teal and other blue doors are ideal for a tan house.

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