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Why Your House May Not Be Selling

Jessica Wilson
Why Your House May Not Be Selling


Selling your property can be both a beautiful daydream and the worst nightmare, totally depends upon the actions that you are taking. But more often than not – selling your property can turn into a tedious task. We are not even talking about the after-sales paperwork – even getting your property off the market can sometimes seem like a big deal. And the longer it takes for you to sell the property, the more likely it is for it to go at a lower price. On average a property should be sold within the first month of it getting listed – that’s when you can fetch the best price. Because here’s how the general psychology works – if the property has been sitting on the market for too long, the home buyers will assume that there is something seriously wrong with the property.

So, if you wish to get the best deal and wondering what’s stopping you, then keep reading to discover what might be jeopardizing your sale.

Five things that are blocking your way from selling the house.

1)  Not pricing it right.

Homebuyers today, have a lot more resources to research about the neighbourhood, the on-going market price, and much more. Pricing your home too high, and you will scare off the potential buyers, pricing it too low, and the buyers will get suspicious about the condition of your home.

Research about the property rates on going in your area – see how much did the last deal go for, how long did it take – compare your property and see if your property offers any other advantages, set the price after considering all these factors.

2)  Your home isn’t making the right first impression.

For a second, stop thinking like a home seller and step in the shoes of a home buyer. When you look at your home – is it in a good enough condition to attract you? If you are looking to spend X dollars from your hard-earned money to buy a home and live a life – will you go for your home in as-is condition. Repairing and a little bit of renovation might sound tedious – but it is necessary. Before putting your house on sale – make sure it is in a sellable condition.

3)  You are not marketing it in the right market.

The world has gone digital – are you still marketing your home by traditional means? How will you make a sale – if you are not reaching out to people or targeting people who are looking to buy? Make sure you have listed your home in all the leading real estate portals. Timing of when you are putting your home on sale also matters.

4)  Advertisement lacks a certain professional appeal.

Be it unprofessional and inadequate listing photos – or use of wrong words while describing the property. Advertising your property in the right way is equally essential to attract your customers. Make sure your photos are of good quality and highlights every good area of the home.

5)  It might be the smell.

Foul smell – be it because of damp walls or clogged toilets create an unpleasant atmosphere. It can turn your chances of selling a home into negative, make sure your house has a pleasant fragrance so that potential buyers don’t feel like running away as soon as they enter.


Another reason that you might not be making a deal is that you might be getting some bad advice. If you want to put your residential property for sale and need professional help in cracking the best deal, then visit our website.

Jessica Wilson
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