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Increase Your Brand Exposure Through Promotional Gifts

Rahul Shah
Increase Your Brand Exposure Through Promotional Gifts

In today’s time, innovation is the key to success. You have to be creative enough to sell yourself. Business owners keep looking for new and innovative ways to reach out to their target audience. You have to keep your brand fresh and relevant in the minds of your customers so that they constantly use your products or services. It is quite evident that you cannot often always experiment with your product by giving it a touch of newness because that has a set of other implications. But you can always be experimental in the way you present your brand. You can use different marketing collaterals to show your artistic side. It not only keeps you popular among your current customers but also converts potential customers into regular buyers. If you keep experimenting with your marketing tools, you are sure to see a hike in your sales.

One of the most effective and widely used marketing tools is promotional gifts. Promotional gifts are branded merchandise with a tagline, logo, name, phone number, the website address of the company, or any other relevant information that can be used as a reference point for the business. They are usually used to promote a certain activity of the business. They are very beneficial for all sorts of businesses. Whether you own a local shop or a multinational brand, investing in promotional gifts is always in your favor. Promotional gifts are most often attractive, alluring, unique, and eye-catching. This is because these promotional items are carefully designed or chosen to capture the interest of the customers. These gifts are generally items that customers find useful in their daily lives such as engraved metal pens, premium drinkware, customized t-shirts, backpacks, tea-coasters, calendars, dairy, etc. Hence, they increase your brand exposure exponentially, creating brand awareness, building brand loyalty, retaining customers, and building brand image. They act as constant reminders of your brand's existence.

Who can you give promotional gifts to increase your brand exposure?

  • Customers: You want to retain your customers by building a loyal relationship with them so that they keep choosing your brand over your competitors. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is by showing your love and gratitude for your customers in the form of free promotional gifts. Anything that customers get for free is like a bonus for them. They start looking at your brand with a different perception. You are likely to become your customers’ favorite and they might start recommending your brand to others which is going to bring lots of goodwill for your business. Also, since these gifts carry your brand name and logo, so whenever your customers see them, they get reminded of you and your product. Thus advertising your brand among customers with personalized gifts is a great idea.
  • Employees: Employees are an integral part of your business. They are as valuable as your customers. As business owners, you will never want your most hardworking employee to choose another company over yours. You need to build strong employee relations and win their trust to achieve all future endeavors. Also, what your employees think and say about your company when they go out holds a lot of importance. All your employees are like your brand ambassadors, they need to say good things about your business, inside and outside their workspace to build a good brand image. Rewarding your employees every now then with branded goods is a great way to earn the support of your staff. You can give them a backpack, a shirt, an engraved metal pen, or anything that gives a nice exposure to your brand outside the office, in places your employees might visit after office hours. 
  • Prospects: The ultimate aim of any business is to retain existing customers and win new customers to expand their reach. Promotional products not only help you in holding onto the current customer base, but they also attract a whole new set of customers for your business. Prospects might hear from your happy customers about the gifts that you are offering. Also, the popularity that you gain because of the good words of your employees and customers might help you in winning new customers. You can even directly reach out to your prospects and give them free trial products as a promotional gift. 
  • Retailers/Shopkeepers: Retailers may suggest your product over the others to their customers. So you can even win the trust of the retailers by sending in gifts for them so that they can give to their regular customers. This serves both your and his purposes. Your brand name gets the required attention and he wins the trust of his customers. Thus giving promotional gifts through retailers will increase the demand for your product among the shopkeepers and increase the reach of your brand.

Here are some ways through which promotional gifts increase your brand exposure:

  • It creates a positive impression in the minds of your prospects and customers and thus people are more likely to remember your brand. Studies show that businesses that use promotional items increase their likelihood of being remembered by customers.
  • Giving personalized gifts make you stand out from the crowd. People start perceiving your brand as an exception and they end up choosing your brand over your competitors.
  • Promotional products broaden your reach. The advertising power of promotional items is not just limited to the customers that receive them. Every time a consumer uses a promotional product is equivalent to advertising exposure. Studies suggest that consumers keep promotional gifts for more than a year, thus it keeps reminding them of your brand and you are likely to see them again.
  • The more creative you can be with your gifts the better. Something unusual or personalized will delight the recipient and may lead them to post about the gift on social media, or starting a conversation around it, thus earning your brand extra glory.
  • Giveaways build a sort of relationship with the consumers and thus they develop an affinity for the brand. You are sure to see that customer again in your shop the next time. Customers once rewarded, want to re-purchase from the brand again either in hunt of another opportunity to receive a gift or because they might feel a rapport with the brand. 
  • As it is a tangible tool of marketing, it allows making a strong impact in an era of digitalization. Giving potential customers a gift that they can hold will be a refreshing experience for them, and they are more likely to notice and remember your brand as a result.

Promotional gifts are a cost-effective way to increase your brand exposure and expand your reach. It is more targeted and specific in achieving marketing goals. To make an ever-lasting impact and achieve the above goals, only giving promotional gifts will not work. You have to focus on the designing, printing, quality, and customization of the product. You surely don’t want to make a negative impression with cheap products. Most of the businesses hire professional printing companies that cater to all their printing needs. Businesses that give promotional gifts know it is wise to choose a printing company that gives quality products, is a reliable printing company, fits within your budget and has excellent customer service.

PrintStop is one of the best dealers of customized promotional products online with all the above-mentioned qualities. Whether you are looking for personalized gifts for clients or gifts for employees, this is the best online shopping store for all of them. It is often referred to as the “one-stop” solution provider as you can get a wide range of promotional products designed, customized, printed, and delivered anywhere in India and 55+ countries. The promotional products include engraved metal pens, t-shirts, drinkware, trophies, backpacks, and many more such products. They have ready-to-use designs which can be easily customized to your needs and save a lot of your time and money. You are even open to give your design or get one made exclusively for your brand with the help of their in-house design team. PrintStop is the best web-to-print solution provider for customized promotional products. The company provides high-quality custom printed products within your budget and that is why this company is the first go-to option for many top brands of the country.

Rahul Shah
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