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This Is Must-Have Airsoft Gear

Alex Paterakis
This Is Must-Have Airsoft Gear

Airsoft plinksters realistically don’t need much more than an airsoft gun and BBs to enjoy playing around in the backyard, but competitive players are often required to bring along a specific set or airsoft gear.

That gear in question will vary according to the rules of the match, but a collection of the following gear will cover you in most scenarios without oddly specific rules.

● Eye protection - Eye protection is, in most instances, the most important protection you can have in an airsoft match and is universally required. This is because most of the time your eyes are the only truly vulnerable part of your body in a match.

● Additional protection (jackets, gloves, and others) - Even though it is most important to take care of protecting your eyes, a lot of players wear gloves, jackets, and heavy pants to mitigate the sting of an errantly placed BB. Some of the most painful shots will hit you in the hands, and a pair of padded tactical gloves should manage that.

● Additional ammo, a speedloader, and magazines - You can’t waltz into a match with a single loaded mag in your airsoft gun. Well, you could, but that would be ill-advised and your team probably would not be pleased. It’s best to bring several loaded spare mags and to keep them in your tactical vest (see below) along with a speedloader.

● Spare batteries or gas - Just like you don’t want to run out of ammo, you also don’t want to run out of juice during a match, and that means you’ll need to carry spare gas canisters or charged batteries, depending on how your airsoft gun operates. You can carry all the BBs you want, but with electricity or gas, they won’t be of much use.

● Any necessary optics or other attachments - Optics are not a requirement but most players pair up some kind of laser or reflex sight with their AEGs. They make you more effective at range. While they aren’t always useful in CQB encounters, they are practical in the open airsoft field.

● A pack or tactical vest - A pack or a tactical vest is a staple in a match, and without one, you won’t have a practical or effective way to arrange or organize all of your gear. A vest, in particular, will put all of your gear front and center, where you need it, to help you be better prepared.

● A holster or sling - While a sling is not imperative, you pretty much need a holster. Either that, or you’ll be carrying around both an AEG and an airsoft pistol in your hands throughout the duration of a match. Or maybe you’ll go without a sidearm. Either way, it’s not a good situation.

● The airsoft gun itself - Last but definitely not least you need an airsoft gun if you’re going to play airsoft. There would be much airsoft to it if you didn’t have the central piece of equipment and little use for the other entries in this list. Additionally, some matches will require you to carry along a barrel cover as a safety feature.

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Alex Paterakis
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