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Jarry Ryles

Karno Energy's methods of development of BIM-design

The abbreviation BIM (Building Information Model) is translated from English as a building information model. Bim modeling of industrial facilities is very popular, since it is necessary to indicate a huge number of different communications and additional equipment.

Due to the presence of additional functions, the person creating the model of the future object can place on it not only the location of various additional items, but also indicate detailed information about the materials of production, their usefulness, convenience and cost today. Thus, design using bim allows you to provide the most informative and convenient layouts of various types of buildings.

BIM and 3D modeling

Today, companies use interactive models only as an addition to the construction of a facility. It is planned to make it a mandatory item soon. Very handy to use bim design revit. This is due to the fact that they open up much greater opportunities for a person to display all the important points of the model. Using the creation of a bim model, design gets more opportunities and potential than conventional 3D modeling.

Visibility of the project

Virtual reality technology allows you to see the future building before construction starts. You can walk around the building, evaluate the adopted technical solutions and make the necessary changes.

While projecting all changes are synchronized

Karno Energy tracks the impact of technical changes in the project on other sections of the project. For example, Karno Energy bim building services allows clients monitoring functions such as, when a wall is moved in a room, the effect on electrical networks, on water supply networks, on heating networks is automatically tracked and changes are made to the project

Jarry Ryles
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