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Balancing Life and Fitness with EMS Training

Sweat22 Fitness Studio
Balancing Life and Fitness with EMS Training

People of any age should do physical exercise to enjoy good health. The loss of muscle and bone mass with a sedentary lifestyle can often lead to decreased mobility, illness and diseases. Therefore, training with EMS is essential. Coach or personal trainer is an important figure in EMS training. They are in charge of evaluating the individual's health state to define the proper training and supervise the correct execution.   


Older adults are limited in their movement and cannot perform the exercise at their best. Older people are not physically active. Their body fat increases, and body mass tends to decrease. This is a condition which is known as sarcopenia. Bone density also starts to decrease, and tissue becomes brittle. There can be a risk of serious injury. Regular exercise can slow it down. 


EMS is the ideal practice to strengthen the muscles. Your EMS personal trainer will keep you highly motivated, and you will eventually develop a fun and engaging exercise routine with many health benefits.


Benefits of EMS training


Over time EMS training has proven to be effective for people; some of those benefits of EMS training are listed below -


  • Toning and thinning – Older people tend to gain weight easily and quickly. EMS helps them lose weight with proper exercise for every user and contributes to increasing agility and vitality.


  • Muscle-strengthening – It helps in strengthening muscles with or without impact on the joints. This feature makes EMS appropriate for all types of people.


  • Acceleration of metabolism – EMS can help to burn up to 3000 kcal per session.


  • Decreases urinary incontinence – Another benefit of EMS for elders is pelvic floor reinforcement, and it directly affects the decrease in urinary incontinence.


  • Coordination capacity and increased balance - Flexibility deteriorates over time. When your muscles are tense and contracted, the blood flows slowly and results in the muscles' lack of oxygen and nutrients. During the EMS session, stretches are carried out and focus on the areas each user needs to improve the most. An elastic and agile body does not allow any illness and hence improves the quality of life.


  • Rehabilitation and contractures of muscle injuries – EMS helps recover from chronic complaints, injuries, range of movement, and improved muscle tone. This training is ideal for adults as it is performed under the guidance of professional and personal trainers. These personal trainers can establish a specific plan for every individual and perform the exercise's performance.



  • Improves the safety and stability in movements – Joint pain and muscle mass are widespread in adults. Physical exhaustion and lack of exercise can cause pain and discomfort in your body. In EMS, every muscle fibre is exercised to the maximum without any risk of joint stress.


There are several benefits of EMS training for people. This is why we suggest most people try EMS training. Moreover, if you are looking for the best "Gym near me," then At Sweat 22, we meet the standard in terms of radio frequency and effectively complete the workout.


Sweat22 Fitness Studio

1081 Marinaside Crescent, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Z4, Canada


Sweat22 Fitness Studio
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