4 Cool Powell River Tourism Hotspots to Check Out While Training for Tourism Careers

Diptirani Samal

For the aspiring tourism professional, attending Eton College’s tourism training in Powell River is a great way to learn all the skills employers look for. However, Powell River has charms beyond great schooling. There are some really neat tourism businesses in the area that are worth checking out as examples of career possibilities—and just for fun!

Here’s a look at a few tourism hotspots to check out while studying tourism in Powell River.

1. For a Taste of Powell River, Grab a Local Ale at Townsite Brewing

BC is famous for its craft beers, and Powell River is home to a craft brewery that’s definitely worth seeing: Townsite Brewing. Staffed by a passionate team—including a graduate with an engineering degree in the science of brewing—it offers a wide selection of regular, seasonal, and experimental beers. It’s a great place to go to try delicious new brews while in Powell River.

It’s also worth noting that Townsite’s Suncoast Pale Ale is only available right here on the Sunshine Coast. Try it out and earn some craft brew cred!

2. Head to Patricia Theatre to Catch a Movie at One of Canada’s Oldest Theatres

If you’re a cinema fan, you’ll want to go to Patricia Theatre at some point. First opened in 1928, it’s the oldest continually operating theatre in Canada, and runs a nice mix of big-budget Hollywood films as well as more artistic fare. Take in a movie, or just visit to look around when the lights are up to get a peak at moviegoing from the past.

One of the great things about our tourism college is that it offers a manageable workload, allowing you plenty of free time to relax and explore. If you’re someone who loves movies, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to check out the Patricia Theatre.

3. Desolation Sound Is Beautiful, and Great Inspiration for Exciting Tourism Careers

Love the great outdoors? Powell River is really close to Desolation Sound, a destination renowned for beautiful scenery, as well as great opportunities for hiking, boating, whale watching, and other outdoor activities. Hop in a kayak and get paddling!

If you fall in love with your experiences out on Desolation Sound, consider pursuing tourism careers out in nature once you finish school! Careers guiding hikes, working for rafting companies, and many more are out there waiting for qualified professionals to take them on, and your training at our school can help you step into this thriving industry and find the fun and fulfillment you’re after.

4. Grab a Meal at Coastal Cookery While Training for Tourism Careers

A meal at Powell River’s popular Coastal Cookery is a great way to enjoy a night out while at school. With diverse offerings ranging from Thai curry to beer can chicken—and beyond—you’re sure to find something you like on the menu!

While you’re at it, why not have a little dinner party? The small class sizes and family-like atmosphere on campus make it a certainty that you’ll make great friends during your time at school. Consider inviting them out for some delicious food at one of Powell River’s best restaurants!

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Diptirani Samal
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