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What's the Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets in India

Jessica Wilson
What's the Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets in India

Kitchen cabinets account for more than half of the skeletal structure, and the material you choose will determine the cabinets' longevity. Since the pandemic, a kitchen area has become more of a gathering place than a room to cook.

Furniture is a critical factor in defining the house owner's overall personality, so it becomes crucial to choose kitchen enclosures' with the right style. It is tough to find a suitable material with a wide variety available, which is water and heat resistant, stands with load, and is also stylish to look at.   

Kitchen cabinets are primarily made of the skeleton (carcass), and an exterior covering. Some of the best materials to make the enclosures can be discussed as:

Materials for carcass

  • Plywood

Made of thin layers of wood pasted together, plywood is available in varied thicknesses and strengths. A boiling waterproof variant with water-resistant quality, it is a good choice in case of water spills and splashes.

  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Made from recycled wood MDF is environmentally friendly in nature. Less expensive and made with chemicals to be termite resistant, MDF is also water-resistant and stands to heat and humid exposures. Although fiberboards are less resistant to screws, they possess the ability to hold on to the glue quickly.

  • Solid Wood

Natural wood is known to bear an aesthetic look; it is available in many shades. Search to buy timber wood onlineand you will find out the right material to suit your theme. With an elegant appeal and a contemporary look, wood is the choice of some, as it is less budget-friendly and hard to work at. However, this is the most sturdy material and pass down to the generations.

  • Particle Board

Made from wood chips and sawdust, it is less expensive and cannot hold more weight. Particleboard tends to expand with moisture and is also less durable.

Materials for an outer finish

  • Laminate

Available in a variety of colours and textures, they are durable and easy to clean. One of the best choice for shutters, these are beautiful surfaced sheets. Laminates provide a good life for woods, so most of the kitchen cabinets are covered with this material to make cabinets last long.

  • Membrane

Luxury and elegant, membranes are factory coated and wraps easily around grooves and mouldings. Highly durable with a seamless finish, the membrane is hard-wearing and easy to maintain with a wet cloth. Basically a PVC foil, this material is available in matte, glossy, and wooden finishes. Find more variants of the membrane at 'buy timber wood online'.


A modular kitchen material has come up with many creative solutions with increased functionality and aesthetic appeal simultaneously. A combination of glass and solid wood/plywood may prove to be a visual delight for the kitchen. When chosen correctly, kitchen cabinet material can have a lavish look that too in budget and is sure to last long.

Jessica Wilson
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