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How To Make Fabric Bracelet - Step By Step

Xiver Atik
How To Make Fabric Bracelet - Step By Step

Back when I left the Fabric Wrap Bracelets, I made another fashion of fabric bracelets. The reason you did not see it's because I was not entirely pleased with the way they turned out. Something was away, and that I had a while to work out it.

The first version had a flexible loop that came from 1 side and looped around a button on the other. It was fine, but the endings were supposed to fulfill, and they did not really need to remain put. I understood the 2 ends required to float using a buttonhole instead. That solved the issue, and I believe that has a finished look with no elastic anyhow. Now to create them in each cloth on my plate!

This one comes out to approximately 7 3/4". I discovered it for a little too cozy for my own 7" wrist and the loose match I was trying to find, so I corrected my own strips to 7 3/4" long. Remember when you are deciding on a match this bracelet is broad, which means you aren't merely matching the skinniest aspect of your own wrist.

To create this you will want:

  • Three 2 1/2 x 7" cloth strips
    Two 3 1/2 x 2 3/4" cloth rectangles (for your endings )
    2 3 1/2 x 2 3/4" fusible interfacing rectangles
    Just one 1/2 - 3/4" button

Employ the interfacing to the wrong side of those endings. Twist the 2 3/4" border under 1/4" and media on. Twist the ends with right sides together and folds and edges even. Stitch down either side, leaving the border with all the springs open. Turn both borders into the middle of the fold and then press. Topstitch close to the sides. Repeat using the other two strips. Line up all 3 strips side by side. Stitch across three, 1/4" in the ends. Repeat on the other end. Tuck the strips within the conclusion, using that stitching line for a manual for just how far to push them indoors. The stitching line must be only within the folded edge of the finish.

Stitch all of the ways around the border of the finish. Tuck strips to the rest of the end. This is where it is possible to adjust a little if it is too long by tucking them farther inside. Should you push it farther inside, be sure that is the ending you sew the button. It'll be simpler than attempting to sew the buttonhole during the additional layers. Stitch around the finish.

10. Mark a line to your buttonhole right to the size of the button at the middle of one end. Stitch the buttonhole. Sew the button at the Middle of the other end. Slide a toothpick under because you sew so that the button is not overly tight against the cloth.

Additionally, I made this in what I am calling a"lightly semi" version. Cut the strips at 1/2" long. Cold press, press, and stitch the ends and bits as above. Slid the strips to the first end and topstitch.

Braid, as you'd hair, but just after. Your endings ought to be in the opposite order in the opposite end. Stitch the ends together and conclude as we did at the very first bracelet. It will appear a bit wonky, but placing it in your own curved wrist smooths out the braid.

It may go without saying, however that is a fantastic stash-buster, not just for the cloth, but it is a fantastic way to consume smaller pieces of interfacing.

Make certain to provide a little thought into the button when you are making these since it is undoubtedly a large part of the plan. I used one which could most likely be considered a classic with this one, which I thought was ideal with this floral (Rifle Paper Co. for both Cotton and Steel).

These are so fast and simple to create, you'll have one to match every outfit in your closet!

Xiver Atik
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