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Know About The Best Content Management Systems For Enhanced Digital Marketing

Alok Kumar
Know About The Best Content Management Systems For Enhanced Digital Marketing

Content is a game-changer in today’s digital world. With everything involving technology, you need to know how to have a strong online presence. Creating content and managing it is a very important factor if you are looking forward to putting up a web page for your brand or company. With so many new technologies coming into existence, you need to know what best can be done. A digital content management system is one such software that has enhanced the way content is created and managed.


Introduction to the content management system


A content management system in simple terms is software that will help you to create content and manage them which includes designs, graphics, codes, layouts to name a few. Various CMS platforms are in use often and are preferred by reputed organizations and companies to create content for their websites.  Everything will be easily done if you pick the right web design agency India, that provides you with all the options.

Know About The Best Content Management Systems For Enhanced Digital Marketing


The Top 10 CMS Platforms That Are Useful For You


1: WordPress

Being the most popular CMS software in the world, covers almost 35% of the websites across the internet. Not getting confused with WordPress.com which is a blog posting platform, WordPress.org is an open-source content management system that is free and available for all.


2. Drupal

Being the CMS platform behind reputed websites such as The Economist and many other university websites, Drupal is one of the top 10 CMS platforms. It is a great option for developers as this platform can handle a great amount of data that can be used to customize websites.


3. Joomla

Another CMS platform packed with several web host features to make an amazing website, Joomla is free to use. All you need to do is pay for the domain name and hosting services.


4. HubSpot CMS Hub

Another popular and amazing CMS platform to choose from is HubSpot. It is one of the best if you are someone who wants to get exactly what you have asked for. With so many features and technicalities, this is a great option to choose from.


5. Magnolia

Another digital content management system on the list is Magnolia. Being the software behind Fendi and The New York Times, this platform helps in developing pure content and delivering it via other channels.


6. Sitefinity

With clients like Gatorade and Dannon, Sitefinity is gaining popularity with time. It is an established CMS platform that is expanding its client base through the amazing work it does.


7. BigCommerce

For beginners, BigCommerce is the right option. With features like free domain, this is a great way to start your website without investing much money. It will help you start with minimum resources and grow gradually and use up paid services.


8. Shopify

An all-in-one CMS platform, there is no need of purchasing hosting, software installations, or updating and backing up information. With a wonderful drag and drop feature, you will be getting it all together.


9. Ghost

This CMS platform is most popular in the bloggers\' community. Known as “Headless CMS”, this is one of those platforms that does not believe in delivering content in a specific way. You can experiment and have your creativity come into reality.


10. Magento

Coming from a reputed software company Adobe, Magento is also an open-source CMS platform. With its free version available on their website, you can easily try and experiment with your ideas for a website.


With the above list of CMS platforms, you can easily enhance your website and manage the content. All you need to do is find a company that has a list of the digital content management system to offer for you to choose from in website designing packages. Doing some research and checking the feedback and reviews, you can pick one that is best suited for you and fulfills your requirements.

Alok Kumar
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