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How much does it cost to build a food delivery app like Zomato?

Ratan Singh
How much does it cost to build a food delivery app like Zomato?

          How much does it cost to build a food delivery app like Zomato?

The growth in on-demand food delivery apps has completely changed the food industry. Online food deliveries are a regular activity as there is an upsurge in smartphones and internet availability. These apps give great leverage of ordering food from any place and have become a guaranteed success among the present generation, irrespective of the location. Due to this, many start-ups and entrepreneurs are finding effective ways to enter the market and get profits. As a business owner, if you want to be successful in this segment, then you have to offer seamless features and practicality to the customers. It can be accomplished if you associate with a leading  mobile app development company in Bangalore such as Brillmindz who have a team that has experience in developing mobile apps across the diverse niche.


What is ZOMATO app? How does it work?

A Food delivery app like Zomato was launched to deliver food to users according to their preference from a particular restaurant, at the comfort of their homes or any place. Further, this app also lists different types of restaurants in a particular location based on the type of cosine. Zomato aids customers to find such favourite restaurants if they are present in Zomato with the chance to choose according to their reviews and ratings.

Zomato functions on the on-demand business model for the delivery of food. As a user places an order on Zomato, a notification will be sent to the particular restaurant owner, close by the delivery person, and the app owner. The app system will synchronize with all the aspects to get the order process completed. It doesn’t have its restaurant neither it has a chain of delivery services. Once the order is prepared, the already assigned delivery personnel will come and collect the order to be delivered to the user according to the location on the app. Further, Zomato has a set of its logistics with delivery personnel, which makes it unique from others.


Categories in the app:

User app:

  • Login/Sign-up
  • Tracking of Location
  • Homepage Assembly
  • List of Restaurant menu
  • Sync with google maps
  • Cart Division
  • Multiple options for payment
  • Reviews and Rating
  • Previous order History
  • Discounts and Offers
  • Contact Info
  • Delivery personal Tracking
  • Search bar and filters

Admin panel:

  • Supervising content
  • Location Tracking
  • Responding to Reviews
  • Detailed Dashboard
  • Accepting or Rejecting various Orders
  • Account management
  • Payment management

Delivery panel:

  • Signup/Login
  • Push notifications
  • Claiming delivery payment
  • GPS navigation access
  • Performance history
  • Accepting or rejecting orders
  • Managing delivery account

How to make a food delivery app in India?

Developing on-demand food delivery app development like Zomato relies on the type of features included in the app and their blend with user experience. You must take care to follow certain key steps for ensuring success in the project.

  • Give a 365-day open helpline for your app users.
  • Aid the user with smooth navigations across all the features.
  • A user-friendly design has a crucial part in ensuring that users can order online effectively.
  • The login and signup option must be carrying options for offering appropriate information to the user such as username, contact number, email id, and password. It is key for tracking and offering tailored service to that particular user.
  • The restaurant menu must have a huge list of menu items. Every food item should be properly categorized with detailed descriptions.
  • Regular Info about data linked to a restaurant such as location, timings, contact number, menu, etc.
  • Users must have the option to add or delete items and make use of promo codes for any discount or offers.
  • Payment gateways must be safe and secure.
  • Users must be constantly able to track the location of the delivery person and know the whereabouts of their order.
  • Ratings and reviews are important for the success of any app. It should be given to the user to study the specific restaurant and its services.


How much does it cost to make an app like Zomato?

If you are looking to develop an app like Zomato, then several questions arise instantly such as - Food Delivery app development cost, food delivery app development cost in India, online food delivery app price, how much do food delivery services charge restaurants, how much does it cost to make a delivery app, Zomato app development cost.


Food delivery app cost relies on the below factors:

App Size: A similar app to Zomato app development cost should have a unique kind of user-friendly features and functionalities. With the upsurge in these points, there will be a direct impact on the app size. Therefore, enhancement of the app size due to pointless reasons must be avoided, by choosing the features cleverly. A high percentage of businesses choose the MVP version of the app in the primary stages, and add extra features later.

App Design: Modern users will not demand just glitzy designs but with unresponsive UI, instead of simple designs with easy navigations. So, wise planning of design with a useful combination of features is needed for influence on the customer.

Type of Platforms: 

The competition in the app market is unbelievable and a huge influence in the digital space is needed for long-term success. The main footstep to accomplish this is to build your mobile app for appropriate platforms as per the likes and usage of your target customers. Every industry and market is unique, hence you have to select a precise native app or cross-platform app depending on the needs.


Final thoughts:

If you are looking to develop an app like Zomato, then you have to be careful while selecting your mobile app development partner. Choose a leading  mobile app development company in Bangalore like Brillmindz technologies, will guide you at all the stages and help in building a user-friendly app that will give you maximum ROI for your investment. We have significant experience in developing exciting apps across multiple industries that have been successful in capturing the attention and profits in the market.


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